Official Hockey discussion thread

Brad McCrimmon was a childhood hero of mine when he played for the Brandon Wheat Kings of the WCHL (today's WHL) in the 70's. Tragic news...
The small things continue to fall in place. Winnipeg Jets sign Kyle Wellwood; St. Louis Blues name David Backes captain.
I don't know if anyone else knows this, but the NHL Youtube channel has a bunch of "classic games" uploaded.  There are a bunch of Stanley Cup winning games, some "rivalry" games, some "overtime classics," and a couple others.  They're interesting to watch, because they're from a couple of different eras.

For example, here's game 6 from what was probably the best goaltender duel of all-time: Dominik Hasek vs. Martin Brodeur in the 1994 ECQF.
Nice link GP! I'll be watching some of those in the days to come. I like watching the older games and even little things like no advertising on the boards and ice are a pleasure to see lol.

So realigment talks started and there are a few teams that actually want to move to the East! the ones cited are Detroit, Nashville and Columbus. I can see why Nashville and Columbus would want to move to a "weaker" Eastern Conference, but Detroit? The Gold Standard in consistency and excellence in the last 20 years? Interesting to say the least.

more here:
My predictions for the season:


San Jose
Los Angeles
St. Louis

New York Rangers
New Jersey
New York Islanders
Tampa Bay
Wow, I thought I was going to have some gripes about your list, but... I don't, looks good to me. Unless Montreal surprises or Salanne carries the ducks on his back I'd say that looks rather good on paper for now.
Isles aren't ready yet and the Devils will be in tough. Ducks will be in.
But a pretty decent take.
If the Jets are able to tap into the adreneline that's flowing through the city of Winnipeg since their return, they are going to surprise everybody. Wishful thinking, yeah. But this prairie town is on fucking fire for their team, and it's great to be caught up in it. If anyone's catching the Jets/Predators game on TV Friday night, look for the guy in the Eddie mask and Killers t-shirt halfway up the lower bowl at the centre line... Go Jets Go!
Good list. I'd expect the Lightning and the Ducks to make it. Doubt Calgary can make it back in with Iginla's health (and age) becoming a bit of a concern. But all in all a better list than most of the professional prognosticators.
If last night was any indication, it will be a long season in Winnipeg. Still, they seemed to love every second of the Habs beating them :D

I expect that they will get better once nerves settle and Claude Noel's system gets rolling. Still, though, it is not a particularly talented team.
No real bright shining light in terms of talent, but a lot of gritty work ethic, which will hopefully see the Jets through the season with some success. Quite honestly, they could go out there every night and fuck up royally, and this town would still be cheering for them. For how long would be the question...
Saw that on NHL network... really? Talk about a disappointment. First round first overall pick to what? play 10 games a season? what a waste of cap space. Time to retire indeed.
Doesn't he have like 150 years left on his contract?
Why retire when you can mak $4.5 million a year to sit the press box?
He can claim a large percentage of his outstanding contract through his insurance. And continuing to try to play will continue to hurt him.
Re: Coyotes 4 Jets 1... It's looking like it might be a very long season for we Winnipeg folk... Chris Mason showed some flashes of competence between the pipes though... the power of the Aces High helmet wasn't enough, I guess :(

Makes me wonder how long we'll have to wait for our first win...
It will come, don't worry. This season is a throwaway. Nobody in Winnipeg should expect anything else.

Shocking at this point: the Rangers.
Surprising the Rangers haven't got a win yet, but I think they'll be fine once they get their shit together... too much travelling...
Brad Richards played for the Stars last year. No team travels as much as they do. He should have his shit together enough. This sounds like...same old Stars to me.