Official 2020 Tour Thread

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If yyou live in northern Norway, early summer would be mid July :cool:

Oh, and Tampere, Finland is also cancelled. They're dropping out one by one now. Wouldn't be surprised if every tour date is cancelled by the end of next week.
We still have winter. No sign of spring.

I am kind of surprised Dubai and Israel still aren't cancelled. It's just over a month until tour start. And if they go on tour (they won't) , they would have to be there several weeks before.

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I personally can't see LOTB pt3 going ahead at all next year, with this being totally cancelled along with the other untapped territories I find it highly unlikely they will just tour Europe next summer with this show, there again...


After the war?
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Hey, Steve didn't say "no, absolutely not" when somebody asked him in an interview if there could be a Maiden-Priest tour some day, so that's basically Maiden supported by Priest in 2021 confirmed.
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