Binged season 1 of Blue Eye Samurai. A U.S show of a "half-breed" Japanese who is ostracized and bullied for being the bastard son of a foreigner and son of a "whore (mother was raped) and a quest for revenge.

Amazing show, gave me a lot to think about: taking control of your life, carving your own path v. what society has for you. What is v. what should be, not being able to be yourself/vulnerable for fear of rejection, etc. Can't say anymore without spoiling it, but it's definitely worth the watch, can't wait for season 2.
Finally saw Top Gun Maverick. Oh man, I can imagine the pitch meeting at the studio, "How can we turn the trench run from Star Wars and the Deloreon having to reach 88MPH into a 2+ hour movie?" LOL. I laughed at all the cliches, cried at all the call backs and emotional moments and thoroughly enjoyed it. As a perfect movie as possible. I mean, for an 80s movie in 2020 clothing. I especially laughed at the football scene, because it reminded me of the one in The Room. People laughed, because they wondered if that's what Tommy Waseau (sp?) thought Americans just randomly did all the time. Well Tom Cruise answered that with a resounding, YES! Good times.
I was watching a TV show tonight about pop culture of the 80's in France. Some famous people talked about the bands, advertisements and movies that were very popular at the time (the year 1986) and I was shocked to see they were tallking about heavy metal and hard rock bands that were also popular during the decade, especially in 1986 : Europe, Kiss, Scorpions, Van Halen, AC/DC and one band that is really "underground" in France, Iron Maiden. :blink: I expected anything but that in a mainstream show. o_O