I watched Sandman on Netflix. I read most of the comic as it was originally published. Good show and comic. I don't want to wait a whole year for season 2 though.....
House of the Dragon was... OK.

I feel like I'm back at the start of GoT, before I'd read the books, not knowing who everyone is and quite where their allegiances really lie, I'm not completely captivated but I'm keen enough to see where it's going. I thought the production values were noticeably lower than its parent programme, noticeable in the very first scene actually, and it felt a bit Game of Thrones-lite, it wasn't quite as brutal (save for the caesarean section scene, that was a tough watch) or explicit as I would expect. I also found Matt Smith's blonde wig a little distracting, though his performance was great as expected.
You can't make those platinum blonde wigs look good on anyone.

I enjoyed it well enough, but it's early days still.
I thought episode 1 of HotD was pretty good, and I thought episode 2 was pretty bad, with a lot of terrible dialogue and forced decisions to do things like show off the dragons, and I'm hoping it finds something closer to episode 1 along the way.
I enjoyed it this week. I can see this plot building up to a final showdown between the two girls - sad, but so likely. I'm hoping for more quirky characters to be introduced and some better character development. I miss side plots, and colourful characters with the good oneliners, like Tyrion and Bronn.

The main character is developing well, even if she's very much a blend of two characters from GoT.