Peacemaker was consistently pretty great. Multiple LOLs per episode. I was also impressed that for the finale they
got Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller to show up just to close the sale on an “Aquaman fucks fish” joke…
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Started watching Boardwalk Empire and then have Gommorah cued up. Late to the party but at least I know my time will definitely not be wasted. Shout out for Braquo. One of the best crime shows I've seen. It's French with sub-titles.
First episode of Moon Knight didn't rekindle my enthusiasm for the MCU, but it was decent enough and I'll stick with it. It actually made me laugh at a few points, which is something I haven't done during an MCU film or series for some time. I also appreciated that it wasn't packed with references to the wider universe and had a few flashes of brutality in the fight scenes, though I'm curious to see how far they take the latter given the recent censorship of Falcon and the Winter Solider.
Kevin can go Fuck Himself - I worried that the whole 'reality of sitcom wife' shtick would just be a gimmick but the series grew into something that was delightfully dark and hilarious. My wife also enjoyed the whole 'killing the husband' angle which i refuse to draw any conclusions from.
Watched it yesterday, it's quite good. I was surprised about the sudden appearance of top metal celebrities. It's got some good metal inside jokes as well.
I enjoyed their appearances and those metal jokes, too. The story itself is a bit too cheesy for me but does has a lot of charms. That Kevin looks like young Steven Wilson is a big plus :)
Metal Lords - This would be an average coming of age film if it wasn't for the fact the metal aspect of the film is done very well. The outcast status that metalheads often acquire at school was well represented. It should, i hope, be a decent gateway drug for kids getting into metal. Plus the song they come up with for the battle of the bands absolutely slams.