Doing his best for a better tomorrow
Memories of Murder (2003). This is my least favourite of the three I've seen from Bong Joon-ho now. Maybe the lead characters didn't sympathize that much with me, maybe it was something else. Nevertheless, interesting subject matter, well-composed shots, wonderful subtle humour and all that good stuff. Pretty sinister, this one, watch it if you're not easily grossed out.



Doing his best for a better tomorrow
I saw the local premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It was entertaining and most of it went by without ever having a clear goal. As @Mosh said, it was slow but didn’t feel like its length. The last part was undeniably Tarantino. I really liked Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate. Her portrayal made Tate look like a very lovely person, which was probably the idea. Her and Pitt and DiCaprio were just really good to watch on screen. I recommend watching this movie if you’re willing to spend 2h40 in 1969, no idea why you’re there, and just enjoy the ride.


Black-and-white leopard
Just finished watching The Handmaid's Tale finale. My goodness, this was so emotional!
The build-up to the escape was great, very powerful. The scene with the kids and Rita arriving in Canada - even more so. The last few episodes of the season really made up for the earlier ones, which were a bit bland, but it certainly ended on a high. I can't wait for the next one! I wonder how all the handmaids and marthas will get out of punishment for taking the kids out.

Oh yes, and Fred is a complete jerk, even though I can't say I would bat an eyelash in sympathy for Serena.


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Been watching A LOT of movies, most of them not worth writing about. In fact, the only reason I'm mentioning these next two is due to something I noticed. It: Chapter 2 and Anabelle comes home. They were both written by Gary Dauberman. Then I remembered he wrote the second Anabelle movie AND The Nun. did some checking, he also wrote It: Chapter 1. This dude has been writing A LOT of horror lately. However, a look at his work shows that aside from his work in the Conjuring-verse, the It movies are his only noteworthy work. the rest are unknown, b movie schlock or TV series. I don't mind his work, but I find it too... horror by numbers. James Wan should team up with his Saw buddies more than with this guy.