Ancient Mariner
@Bruins1 some of your videos I cannot see for a reason, it's either "not available in my region" or "temporarily down" like now. Anyway I trust it was something good so I gave it a like :D

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Speaking of which.. Trust - Marche ou crève (w/ Nicko on drums)
Have experienced the same thing on my end here in Connecticut. Not sure if you like all that I post for I do post stuff that even I don't care for but maybe others will. Just like to have fun and throw whatever I am listening to at the time out there:) Also like checking out what others have posted. Anyway, thanks for the compliment:)
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Free Man
^Yes me too, that's why I always post links. I mean even if everyone knows the song, they may like to click and lay it instantly and listen again. Or even better discover something new. And just like you I mainly post what I'm listening.

Oh, from your timings I thought you were living like Australia or something.