Rebel Girl Royalty
Here's another one from one of my favorite bands since a few people liked them it seems. :) My friend Jen takes a backseat on this one with vocals, letting the other half of the band, JP, do his thing in this one.

Rabbit Junk - Precipice



Ancient Mariner
Yeah, I really liked the first two albums and Bleed Like Me, but not so much the other stuff. Haven’t heard their most recent couple of albums.
I loved those 2 also and liked 2001's Beautiful Garbage/2005's Bleed Like me. Lost interest in them after that. I did eventually get 2016's Strange Little Birds, but I can't tell you one song from that for I may have listened to it once. Just don't have the patience to listen to albums like I used to so I can't tell you if it is good or bad. The only albums I've had the patience to listen to lately have been Iron Maiden's Senjutsu, Amorphis's Queen of Time,Within Temptation's Resist and Cheap Trick's In Another world.
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