No More Lies

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The Flash

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Re: 'no More Lies'

One of the most emotional Maiden songs and I love it so much. Great atmosphere, catchy and emotional melodies, nice keyboard use. (this is playing a critical role in the song) Only the bad thing about this song is the chorus. It's so basic and doesn't suit to the song.


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Daily Song: No More Lies

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Today's song: No More Lies

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I really like this song. I don't think it's a solid 10 like I once did, but it is a great long headbanger; it grabs you pretty hard and doesn't let go. Sure, it has a repetitive chorus, but I think it works well. The guitar work is pretty impressive. 9/10.

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Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

Fantastic guitar all over this track and the air raid siren gets a good work out in the chorus.  One thing I really like about this album is the number of songs that include a solo from each of the three guitarists.  On DoD there are atleast three songs where all three amigos play a solo whereas TFF has 2, AMOLAD has one, and I don't think BNW has any. So the song scores points with me for the collaborative axework.  The band placed it at number 3 in the tracklisting, a spot usually reserved for a strong song, so I imagine they thought pretty highly of No More Lies when it was first recorded.


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Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

Yeah, I know some people will really complain about the repetitive chorus, but I don't get bothered by the repetition here. Also the guitars really are great here, and I think it's a brilliant instrumental section. 9/10.


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Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

The chorus does not bother me at all in this song.  Bruce varies it nicely with the vocals and the overall lyrics of the song are cool.    Great song musically, the guitars are just rocking.

I give it a 9.

The Flash

Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

A fantastic composition. Really emotional and gives me goosebumps. Only bad thing about the song is the chorus, it's so basic and doesn't suit to the song. With a better chorus, it would be a 10/10. But it's a 9/10 now.

5 votes so far and all are 9/10 :D


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Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

One of my absolute favourites. Everything about this song is fantastic: The intro, the lyrics, the instrumentals... I was blown away when they played it live last year. It was a dream come true. I also got two people who were very important to me at that time into Maiden by playing them this song. I couldn't be without this song. 10/10, higher if I could.


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Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

8/10, one of the better tunes from Dance of Death


Automaton Sovietico
Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

Actually i find the verses and chorus somewhat dull. However, intro and instrumental section are alone worth 8.


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Re: Daily Song: No More Lies


I find this one not the worst, but certainly the most predictable and unimaginative song Maiden ever did.
The Angel and the Gambler has a more surprising build-up. 5.

To compensate my own grumpy and against the grain review, I made you guys a little story.
- - - - - - -

Dramatis Personae
J: Janick
D: Dave
B: Bruce
A: Adrian
N: Nicko
S: Steve

Notting Hill, London... recordings of Dance of Death, Maiden’s thirteenth studio album…

A, D, J, N and B are having a beer in the bar.

J: Where is Steve?
D: He has it again.
B: What?
D: It is that time again.
A: Huh? What do you mean, Dave?
N: What hoooo! Hahaha!
B (slightly annoyed): Come on Nicko, lay it off for a minute will ya?
A: Yeah, Nicko, stop it, I don’t like this, I want to know what’s going on.
D: Steve is busy in the studio. It will take hours before we see him.
J: Huh… we have done 10 songs.
D: Yes, but he told me has some kind of tradition. On every album he wants to do at least one song by himself.

A sighs, with a worried look on his face.
B orders another beer, and looks kind of agitated.

N: Don’t worry guys, I thought we had agreed that we wouldn’t be bothered by this kind of stuff.
J: Yeah. Maybe it’ll be good!
A: Yeah. Maybe.

The guys decide to drink a few more beers and go to bed.
Next morning, they gather at the breakfast table.

A: Still no Steve.
B: I’ve had it, let’s go to him.
D: Guys ….
N: Let them, Dave, we’ll go with them. Come on, Jan.
J: I am curious too.

With firm footsteps they go to the recording room, finding S with a ghastly face.
He curses the others with the eye.

S:  Four times fifty different chord schemes, and I still have no clue what to do.
With heavy fingers, lifeless fingers, my ideas wished they’d die.

S shakes his head, turns his white and sweaty face to D.

S: Dave, I told you to keep them away from me. I don’t want to be interrupted when I am wearing my albatr… eh bass around my neck!
J: So what do you have?
S, while strumming his bass: I only have this freakin’ chord scheme.
A: Hey, that sounds familiar. It reminds me of … ouch!!

Nicko takes his elbow out of Adrian’s ribs.

D: Let me see, if you change this and that a bit, then you have a few variations.
He plays it on his own guitar. S’s face changes dramatically.

S: Wow! That’s what I needed.
B: It still sounds quite the same to me.

S whistles the melodies D just came up with.

S: I need an intro too.
D: No problem, we’ll use your scheme and my variations again. We can use exactly the same chord progression, it will be the same as the couplets. We’ll just freak around with some calm guitars, like we always do. Right Adrian?

A (happy with Paschendale and not in the mood for discussion): Alright.
N: Janick?
J: I guess I will play the last solo again. But OK, you two guys work something out.
S: Alright Dave, come on. The rest: OUT!
N: Can I stay Steve?
S: OK.

Bruce, Janick and Adrian leave, slightly worried about the result.

After an hour they hear loud noise coming from the recording room. They head back to discover that S is engaged in a fistfight with D. N tries to keep them away from each other, catching some blows –with lots of tempo and rhythm changes- in the process.

B: What the fuck is going on here?
D after taking a deep breath: Look… I have helped you with this song Steve, so it’d be fair if I would get a co-credit. If I hadn’t helped you, you still would have this single bloody chord scheme!
S: No. I want to have one song by myself. That’s my tradition.
D: That’s not fair! People will say it’s not true when I tell them I contributed.

The face of S reddens.

S: We won’t tell anyone. This song is mine! When people ask, you guys are bound to tell this story, this tale, wherever you go. To teach this word by my own example. That we must love all things that I made.

J looks puzzled.

B: Do you have lyrics of your own, Steve?
S after some hesitation: Well, that was one other thing I’d like to….
D interrupts: I don’t care. I don’t want this crap anymore. I can’t stand it anymore!
S: What can’t you stand anymore?
D: No more!
S: No more what?
D: No more lies!

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Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

Beautiful melodies and harmonies. Another 10.

@Foro - a strange story of some song.  :bigsmile:


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Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

This is a hard one. I'm playing the song right now. The celtic intro is a nice touch. The lyrics are very meaningful. It is a good song but the over repetitive chorus does bother me. The buildup the song takes deserved a better climax than No More Lies sung a bunch of times. But besides that it is a really good track. 8/10


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Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

I can understand the criticism on the chorus, but this is the most deviating part of the song structure, and therefore it gets my praise.

edit: ehh, no, it sounds like even the chorus follows the same chord pattern.


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Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

The whole song does. That was the problem with AMOLAD. Half the songs use the same ECGD Structure. I assume NML is the same chords.


Ancient Mariner
Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

9/10. It's repetitive, but that isn't very big problem because the song is still awesome and the solos rock.


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Re: Daily Song: No More Lies

Exquisite beginning — straddling a unique moment of emotional clarity of love for what came before, peace with what is now, and a glimmer of excitement for what is to come. An anthemic chorus built for the arena, a fist-pumping second verse, a vintage kickass, melodic musical mid-piece and a perfect denouement. This song stands with the band’s all-time best. Ten