Ancient Mariner
There's definitely something familiar there, a bit of Shudder Before the Beautiful and Storytime and whatnot. So yeah, it definitely follows the trend when it comes to Nightwish singles, being relatively familiar, somewhat catchy and overall, very pleasant song that doesn't quite blow you out just yet, leaving some serious hunger for more.

Calculated or not, it works. I like the song! There's a bit more to take than in some of the previous singles, but yeah, cool stuff. It's not too much you can tell about the album production judging by this song only, but it does seem to follow the rather dynamic approach of the previous one, with the band being pleasantly prominent in the mix, even when rather bold orchestrations around.

So yeah, good. No doubt there'll be better and more interesting songs on the record, but it's definitely very nice taster.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
The video is now out too:

Have not listened to it or watched it yet since I plan to do that this afternoon with my girlfriend. This self-imposed suspense is killing me.


Ancient Mariner
Very bad. Not a single song from the Tarja era had such simplistic vocal lines. But the anti-Tarja brigade will probably drool over this dull song. Floor is great. Nightwish has lots of great songs. But together they have not really created really memorable new work.


Ancient Mariner
There's an anti-Tarja brigade?
Of course. The forum is written all over with it. Lots of people here have spoken with disdain about era and rated it low in survivors. They do not like Tarja's operatic voice. Only when Floor joined the band people out here started to get involved. It did not matter that the music became generic. People are just over the moon by Floor, whatever she touches.


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I do have to agree with Foro about the vocal melodies: they sound like leftovers from DPP or Imaginaerum meant for Anette’s range. Chorus is bland.

The whole bridge is phenomenal and Floor does get some great wails in there, but overall this is meh.