New Single - The Writing on the Wall


Messiah Supreme. True Leader of Men.
It gets better listen over listen. But that western lick/vibe is just kind of a disappointment. That’s for other bands. Confident that the rest of the album will be more maiden. Can’t wait to hear the rest.


Ancient Mariner
I think they (whoever edited the credits) made error on the streaming services, the lyrics must be written by Bruce because the video credits said that the "story" was by Bruce.


Ancient Mariner
Damn. 10 pages. I have listened the new song right now.
My first impression is that the main riff sounded me to American country style, Bruce voice is not clear and watching the video I have the impression that I'm watching something not related with the music. It's like when you mute your tv and listening another thing.
The chorus is fine, the drums and bass are not adventurous at all. When Adrian writes the music of one song you can't hear Janick or Dave it's like Adrian recorded all the guitars of his song. … The video is fine but the comic graphics are a bit lame.
It's a new song but not a single isn't it?


Educated Fool
Loving the song more with each listen. Love the video, too. Sort of a Heavy Metal/Ralph Bakshi's Wizards kind of vibe. I'm over excited for the new album now.
Yeah, I honestly wasn't impressed at first listen and was more interested on the clip, but been loving it now that I've listened tons of times on Spotify. It's a grower for me.


Ancient Mariner
Yeah a lot of the pushback against the sound quality is due from how it sounds on YouTube. Spotify is much, much better.


Educated Fool
After multiple listens, it's definitely a Bruce song as if Steve again "stole" it from a future Bruce solo album. It might have fitted the Tyranny of Souls album too, some vibes similar to Devil on a Hog even :) I do think it's the better of the singles of recent times, and I am happy about the sound overall.