New Frontier

How good is New Frontier on a scale of 1-10?

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Re: Daily Song: New Frontier

If the only noteworthy thing about the song is that Nicko wrote it, then it's not a particularly noteworthy song. It has a few nice bits, like the guitar in the intro, but that doesn't save it. 4/10.
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This song has grown surprisingly on me. Up til recently I always was entirely focused on the lyrics, which are preachy about some things I don't agree with, but in the end they are not that harmless. And looking at the total picture, the song is pretty decent. There are some nice bass patterns in the couplets, and the pre-chorus is pretty cool, a bit more threatening. The chorus is a bit too "Road to Hell"-ish, but the instrumental section draws the level up again. I especially dig the eastern sounding harmony after the solo. The end, after the last chorus, has a catchy chord scheme not earlier present in the song, and Nicko does some really nice drum pattern underneath.

Low 7
Re: Daily Song: New Frontier

Wait, I always thought that Nicko had a writing credit on Age of Innocence (or maybe it's me thinking that because of the... Cover he did)? Oh well.

Solid song, this definitely gives you that "filler" feeling. Still good enough for a 6
Re: Daily Song: New Frontier

It's OK. Nothing special. I think I'm right in thinking that this was the last track they did that did not have 'Arry contribute to. 6/10.
Re: Daily Song: New Frontier

I always really liked the music on this song.  It's really old school Maiden sounding to my ears with a great solo.  The lyrics are what brings it down for me.  I love the sustained note Bruce holds at the end too.  War of God and Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.  Good song.
Re: Daily Song: New Frontier

Lyrics aside, I really like this song. The riffing is great, and the vocals are good too. 7/10c
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8/10... Not the strongest song on the album, and I see how the lyrics could be an issue for some. That being said, I've always thought this tune was a good showcase for some classic Adrian Smith guitar work. Another superb vocal performance by Bruce, and the whole band is firing on all cylinders. The main riff has always given me a 22 Acacia Avenue kind of vibe...
Re: Daily Song: New Frontier

I've always wondered what Nicko contributed to the song. Lyrics really aren't great (maybe Nicko wrote them?), and drop the score by quite a significant margin for me. Musically it is fairly decent and the chorus is quite good as well. Overall, it is one of the "filler" songs from the album but would be better if the lyrics are better. A high 5/10 but could have been as high as 7/10.
Re: Daily Song: New Frontier

7. Dumb lyrics, great riffage. Adrian kills.
I think it is a real solid song.  As far as the lyrics, Maiden's "current event" songs in general have been their weakest to me and tend to be the most outdated songs (which makes sense when the events aer no longer "current" or have been re-interpreted or remade by other events).   I think they are better off with WWII and before.   However, I thnk this song is a little different as there is always the question of where ethice/morals/science meet and often science is in the lead.

I give it a 7
I have always liked this song a lot, as I have stated before I am a big fan of the uptempo stuff, like the soloing and the way the song unfolds in general, bags of energy, 9/10.
Musically, I actually think this song is really good. Lyrically, not so much. I don't share You Know Who's flaming antipathy towards the lyrics of this song, but I nevertheless find them silly. Cloning and gene manipulation is not a "war of god and man". Actually, gene manipulation is a useful tool that has nothing to do with creating "new Frankensteins", and as far as I know there has been no attempt to clone  human (i.e. make an exact copy of another). Preachy lyrics on a topic I doubt any of the band members who write it have much insight on.

A good song music-wise loses one point for lyrics and gets 7/10.
7- Love the music, the lyrics never really bothered me too much.  Love the sustained note at the end.