Name your 3 fave yet unplayed songs you would like them to play live

Back in the Village
Run Silent Run Deep (here is a live cover - these guys may not "look the part", but they sure can play!)
Judas Be My Guide

In case BITV was actually played (which remains to be proved): Only The Good Die Young
Loneliness was played live once on the Somewhere in Time tour, there’s a bootleg of it. Back In The Village was allegedly played live as well and there’s a (dubious) recording and back and forth on this forum about it also.
Ah, I got a bit emotional at first while making the list LOL. So, here's an update:

Flash Of The Blade
Deja Vu
The Thin Line Between Love And Hate
Regardless of how (un)realistic this is, songs I'd love to hear live are:
Quest For Fire
Childhood's End
Como Estais Amigos

There are obviously more and ideally every single song would've been played at least once, but I had to limit myself to three after all.