Moonchild solo tabs?


Ancient Mariner
I've been trying to play these solos for ages but the tabs on ultimate guitar suck for the solos and the synth too.
Does anyone have tabs for the solos and maybe the synth? tab, guitar pro, powertab, I don't mind either.


I got the powertab file from ultimate guitar and found it to be pretty accurate for the solos, unsure about the synths though


Ancient Mariner
I'll tell you what i feel is wrong with them.
In adrian's solo, there are 4 parts: the bend and the single notes, the fast run, the other bend and the other fast run.
I just don't hear that in the solos, the fast runs sound slower and with less notes.
In dave's solo, the ending trills don't sound right either, mainly because there arent any trillsXD


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try it has the whole song and its pretty acurate