How good is Montsegur on a scale 1-10?

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I don't find most of the song to be 'too happy' (especially not in comparisons to the chorus on New Frontier or Age of Innocence) except for those verses right after the chorus/after the solo. Also I don't mind the repetition of the chorus itself, I think it's the strongest part of the song and it has a nice energy each time I hear it.


Limp Pimp
A great driving riff builds up a bit, then breaks into a heavy, melodic verse. Chorus 1 feels a little forced, but has nice musical backing. Chorus 2 unfortunately has rote delivery, bad phrasing, and an icky guitar lead that doubles the vocal.

Another round of verse and chorus 1 and 2, then we return to the opening riff before getting an OK but sloppy Janick special and a good harmonized section. This breaks into a busier lead section with some nice harmonization before returning to chorus 2 and a modified chorus 1, and a big rock ending.

The muddy production is really noticeable on this song, especially when things get busy. I am also not a fan of chorus 2 at all, and chorus 1 has some weaknesses too. This song had the potential for greatness, but as-is it's barely a 7/10.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
"Montsegur" is one of the heaviest songs Maiden have ever done, but it's also one of the muddiest. It would be great to hear this song with better production, as it messes with the song. As a whole, I like it, but some of the lyrics changes in the "post-chorus" feel like Bruce coming up with them on the spot. "The Pilgrim" also kinda does much of the same stuff on AMOLAD and I prefer that song to this. Still, it's good, but not quite as good as it could be. 7


Out of the Silent Planet
Heavy opening riff and overall, this is one of the heaviest Maiden's songs. The verses are good and the chorus is great. The main riff is awesome too. The triple-lead guitar harmonies (after the solo from Janick) are great. Great performance from Bruce and drumming. The melody under the verses and the chorus is fun. Great end to the song. Song full of melodies. It has a classic feel from the 80's era of the band. 8/10


Ancient Mariner
Underrated gem. Has 80's Maiden epic heaviness wrote all over it. Perhaps the bridge could be repeated only once instead of four times. Other than that there's a strong Losfer Words opening riff meets folk amazing feel to it. Best short song from their post reunion era, IMO even better than The Wicker Man and considerably ahead of other great short rockers like Rainmaker, The Alchemist and The Final Frontier.