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  1. KidInTheDark666

    KidInTheDark666 The island where the souls of dead are reborn

    I think as well that Death Magnetic is easily comparable to modern Maiden albums. The songwriting is awesome and in my opinion, the songs are NOT too long.
  2. KidInTheDark666

    KidInTheDark666 The island where the souls of dead are reborn

    I love Fixxxer, it's Metallica's ATG. Hardcore fans love it and want it to be played live finally. ManUNking is very cool too.
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  3. Diesel 11

    Diesel 11 As you scream into the web of silence...

    Patience is a virtue. :p
  4. Shmoolikipod

    Shmoolikipod Nomad

    I agree about Judas and Cyanide they are very delicious riff songs. I also agree that All Nightmare Long is long (but The End of the Line is the too long one maybe you got confused),

    But The Day That Never Comes is for sure just the right length and it rocks, I'll be the first to say Day's solo views One's out of the water.

    Also read Cyanide lyrics, they are very good. I love the concrete angel part.
  5. Ruflux

    Ruflux Educated Fool

    I sort of can see your point here; it's definitely true that especially on the first three albums Lars just kind of keeps up but does nothing particularly interesting. I wouldn't agree with that for AJFA however because he's tight as hell on that album and consistently produces interesting fills to break things up without overdoing it. I do feel like the lack of a ride or any real dynamics on the hi-hat really hurt the liveliness of his drumming, though. Their cover of Breadfan almost sounds interesting in comparison just because of the quiet middle section.

    But, on Load, I largely agree, it's some of his finest drumming to date. The dynamics are there, the fills are there and he's right in the groove when he needs to be. It's not super creative drumming (probably the most interesting beats he achieves are the quiet section in Until It Sleeps, the quiet section in Thorn Within and the main beat with the china in The Outlaw Torn) but he nails every fill and delivers a rock solid performance overall. The one thing that's still not there is the hi-hat dynamics but that's to be expected by this point.

    As an aside, I'd also make the claim that Lars was at his most solid live in the 1996-2000 period too, because his tempos were perfectly in control, he executed fills with finesse and without overdoing it or relying too heavily on just the snare or the china, and he just plain didn't make all that many mistakes. Songs like Fade to Black also demonstrated the much needed hi-hat dynamics he was missing on the albums. Sure, it was all a bit Rock Drumming 101 thanks to the song choices (not all that many high speed thrashers in this period) but he was definitely solid, far more so than before or after.
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  6. Jer

    Jer CriedWhenJanickStayed

    When did this become the Metallica blasphemy thread? :p
  7. Diesel 11

    Diesel 11 As you scream into the web of silence...

    Have you been keeping up with my reviews? It's been like this since January.
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  8. KidInTheDark666

    KidInTheDark666 The island where the souls of dead are reborn

    It isn't blasphemy. Fixxxer is the best song Metallica haven't played live. Yes, it's not as good ATG but that wasn't my point.
  9. Collin

    Collin Tool Aficionado

    No. That’s definitely The Frayed Ends of Sanity.

    Death Magnetic is so good. It’s nearly flawless up until The Judas Kiss.
  10. KidInTheDark666

    KidInTheDark666 The island where the souls of dead are reborn

    But Frayed Ends was played live.
  11. KidInTheDark666

    KidInTheDark666 The island where the souls of dead are reborn

    Fixxxer kind of took its spot after that.
  12. Collin

    Collin Tool Aficionado

    True, but they won't ever play it. A lot of Metallica fans would love to see that one live.
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  13. Zare

    Zare sorry Zed

    The chorus riff reminds me of verse riff from Megadeth's Family Tree.
  14. Zare

    Zare sorry Zed

    The groove he kept on Ride The Lightning the song on Cunning Stunts was awesome. Yeah, he's been on point in that period, and on S&M he's 95% of the time a real professional (I think he still goes off tempo on certain moments)
  15. Diesel 11

    Diesel 11 As you scream into the web of silence...

    On first listen: Reload is bookended by two pretty great songs, and the rest... well... it varies. A lot of it feels like, instead of Load Pt.II, it’s the scraps of the first album left off because they weren’t good enough. I really hope it grows.
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  16. Ruflux

    Ruflux Educated Fool

    Funnily enough, I think he actually did a better job on the Kill/Ride medley in 1995 than in 1997. He was bit more energetic with his footwork, although admittedly perhaps more stilted in delivery here and there. Also the double bass section of Fight Fire With Fire doesn't have the annoying china spam. Overall though I agree. S&M is a particular high point, apart from the occasional Lars-ism (speeding up here and there, mostly during changes and fills like on Puppets and For Whom the Bell Tolls).

    This is not a particularly uncommon opinion even among people who like the Load era material. I barely listen to Reload simply because there's just not that many truly good songs on there. Fuel has been largely tainted by overexposure since they play it way too much live, but Fixxxer I still rate highly.
  17. Number 6

    Number 6 Ancient Mariner

    I basically feel the same way about Reload that I feel about Load: "Fuel" and "The Memory Remains" are the only songs I consistently go back to. There are some others (such as "Fixxxer") which were interesting, but came on too late in the album, when I was just fed up and counting the minutes for it to end. For now, I have no interest in going back to it.
  18. Diesel 11

    Diesel 11 As you scream into the web of silence...

    The good stuff on Reload works even better with a second listen, but man, most of this album just really pisses me off.
  19. phantomoftheicarus

    phantomoftheicarus Nobody can ever hear him call

    Reload is mostly crappy album in my books. I feel that the songs that are good are great such as Fuel or The Unforgiven 2 but the rest is just crap unessecary filler, Low Man's Lyric is one of the worst things I've ever heard
  20. Edington

    Edington More Than Two Problems

    "Where The Wild Things Are" is an awesome song, one of the strongest from the nineties albums.

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