Ancient Mariner
I think when they do a folky sing song type thing it can be ok*, but when the try and play a real song it's painful.

*still it would be better without it at all.


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Drum solos are extremely tedious. I don't think I've ever enjoyed one.
The only drum solo I ever enjoyed was Neil Peart, because he kept the manic flashy stuff to a minimum and switched kits three times, while playing along to triggered jazz instruments/songs.
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Ancient Mariner
I remember looking back on Gojira's set at Bloodstock last year, a few weeks after. I totally forgot there was a drum solo, I had to ask my mate whether there was one. So either I was very drunk, or I find drum solos so forgettable that my brain blocks it out.

On the topic of Rob and Kirk's noodle, I think they're a waste of time. At the Manc gig on Tuesday, they played a Stone Roses song, and it was definitely the de-facto interval by the amount of people going to the bar or for a piss. They could have chucked in another song, I was hoping for Thingy personally :(
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