Maiden songs you would write

Another thought on the communism angle - since Maiden loves its religion songs, I could totally see them doing a song on how someone was betrayed by the revolution. Call it "The God That Failed" and have it be from the point of view of someone whose life was destroyed, family killed, livelihood taken away, etc. by communism.
I could imagine that, but not as an epic. Kind of an entergetic rocker with aggresive lyrics. I'm kind of thinking Fugitive, but done right. (runs)
Ah shit, I forgot about that one. But that is AFAIK about hooligans, not about the game itself.
I  couldn't imagine a game about football that wouldn't end up sounding stupid. Especially with Maiden's subject matters today. They are a lot more serious every record.
I wouldn't really like a soccer song.

A song about the passions of sport and the will to win would be alright though.
A WWII song about the fall of Singapore would be interesting and an area they have not touched on. 
finalfrontier said:
I would try to write a song about the poem Divine Comedy. It would end up as a long epic.
How about a whole album for the divine comedy? Divide in 3 parts and have say, 5 songs on each part with 2 epics on each part? That would be awesome.
I'm aware of that. But I wouldn't mind seeing the whole divine comedy.
I would prefer a concept album about space/time travelling/aliens or something like that. Like Primal Fear's Black Sun album.
I really thought they were going to do that with TFF. At first I was disappointed. That they didn't, but once I heard the album I didn't mind anymore.
I'm not really sure I would want a new concept album from Maiden ... I do like the "theme" albums though AMALAD for example had a clear common theme, but the story of the songs are not limited to stay within an overall narative.
The thing about concept albums is that you better hope the majority of your fans like the idea. Like Judas Priest's Nostradamus for example. Some fans may say that they waited a whole year for an album that deals with a dead guy that they could care less about. But I think Judas Priest did an amazing job anyways and I loved the concept.