Lost In A Lost World

How good is Lost in a Lost World on a scale of 1-10?

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I don't get how people dislike this song. I think it's spectacular. I love all those little twisty melodies and riffs Harris comes up with.
I'm with SMX on this one
Also, it flows very well in the context of the album. After the tremendous energy buildup created by S, S and TWOTW, the intro offers a bit of a break and then continues the energetic flow. The verse and chorus rhythm evoke Native American tribal dances (kudos to Nicko for putting the right accents in verse beat, so it doesn't sound like the usual 3-3-3-3-2-2 found in (too) many reunion songs), and follows very well with twisty melodies. Btw, I think Steve might be trolling us a bit here, the whole section is repeated twice, and then it starts for the third time just for a bit ("oh no, groans the collective fan base"), then goes elsewhere :D
The whole verse/chorus/instrumental section has a lot of energy, I started to just dance around before long
The outro calms everything down for a bit, and then the album's flow continues with another hi-energy song

That's some skillful sequencing if you ask me
once again the play along lead guitar annoys me.
You know what, there's a LOT of this on this album, in fact so much that after a few listens it completely stopped bothering me, I guess my brain started to filter the guitar out, I'm not hearing it any more o_O
Native American

On the first listen I wasn't looking at the lyric sheet, so I didn't pick up that it was about Native Americans, and was a bit worried that the last verses about our nation over run and existence under threat sounded a bit neo-nazi and was a bit worried:lol:
The intro is fantastic. I really love it, it's not typical for Maiden.
The verses are saved by Bruce and Nicko IMO. The melody is great, but the riff itself is repetitive and derivative of other Steve tracks.
The other verse is also cool.
The chorus is a bit bombastic for this song, and also very, very standard for Steve.
After that a part taken straight from WtWWB. I think this part is the worst in the album. The riff between repetitions of the WtWWB part are cool, but jesus, did we really need to listen to all of that 3 times? I agree that it does sort of work in the context of the song, but Steve wrote a hundred epics in Maiden's career, so I can't judge it in a vacuum.

The WtWWB riff's variation around 6:00 is different enough which I like.
Excellent solos, I really like the keyboard on this album and here in particular.
I like the outro part. A bit like a eulogy song at the end of a war. Very good.

All in all, I'd cut the WtWWB part out completely, but it'd still only shorten the song by a minute, so I'd say this is a very good song all around.
Just on the second listen now, and I really like this song. It's a mixture of sounds from the 90s, and that's really cool. Like a "best of" TXF without muddy production.

The lyrical matter really gets me, too - it sounds like a lot of the conversations currently going on in my country around Indigenous reconciliation, and it just hits.
Despite not digging the chorus too much - I adore this one, It's the pre-chorus and the softer outro version of that(especially) that REALLY get me. Both the way Bruce sings it , the lyrical content and the melody itself just hit me in the feels big time :D. Literally well up even after a shitload of listens. One of my faves without a doubt!
Was quite surprised at a lot of the negativity I've read on this track, but one man's wine is another man's poison ;)
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It is a pitty that the best part of the song is a rip off:

Well, I was listening along to this song, and as the minutes went by I was thinking, I wonder when its going to get to the part that is similar to Lost in a lost world. More minutes went by, I was thinking, it would have been better if GK1 told us exactly where to skip to.
But then the song ended.
I don't see any similarities at all.
I'm sad to say this is a song I will be skipping. Way too "X-Factorish" for me. That loooooonnnggg span of repetitive "Duh-duh-duh-duh-dum, duh-duh-duh-duh-dum" guitar strumming is not my cup of tea. Also some parts remind me of the bad parts of Tears of a Clown that I dont like.
Maybe it's because I don't listen to XFactor that I'm not put off.
I really love this song, Love the intro and the outro, It has a bit of a Thin line between love and hate vibe to it, but without the rap style verses. great instrumental section, EXCEPT, I don't like the guitar sound at 6:13 to 6:33. What is that effect? Why does it sound so horribly electronic?!

The outro would have been much more haunting and special without the guitar harmonising.

I don't know why so many people don't like this song. Can't work this one out.
Well, I was listening along to this song, and as the minutes went by I was thinking, I wonder when its going to get to the part that is similar to Lost in a lost world. More minutes went by, I was thinking, it would have been better if GK1 told us exactly where to skip to.
But then the song ended.
I don't see any similarities at all.
Haha, fair enough. I think that the acoustic intro, meaming the guitar melody and the vocals are too close to the Purple vocal line. Mind you I read in here for music parts that are similar to others...and like you I hear no connection. These two intros however sound very close IMO.
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Initially, I had very mixed feelings about this track. I liked the intro - particularly that atmospheric, soft vocalise. But then the heavy part lost me a little bit. For some reason I felt it doesn't gel well. The vocals seemed to stick out as if they weren't mixed properly or didn't fit the music, I don't know.

After more listens, the song actually started to grow. The guitar leads are cool and I caught myself humming the chorus, so it's catchy. It definitely needs more time, but I can already tell it's better than I thought after my first listen.
I love the intro to this song, I wish there was more of this vibe in the song

very x factory

i initially didn’t like the chorus but after a repeat listen it got me
One of the most unique intros in Maiden's career. I found it strange at first listen but it quickly grew on me. Not only is really beautiful but I also think it fits the lyrics. Don't care that much about the verses and the effect on Bruce's voice sounds a bit strange to me. I love when the pre-chorus starts with Janick following the vocals, that melody is the highlight of the song imo and when it gets reprised on the outro it's even better. The chorus is simple but remarkable and it doesn't get repeated to oblivion, so I like it. About the ATSS/WTWWB instrumental section, I actually like it and don't mind the similarities but I'd trim it for sure, feels way too long. Solos are good (like most of them on this album). The chorus reprise also makes sense and fits well. Then we get to the outro and imo this is one of the highlights of the entire album. Beautiful delivery by Bruce, lovely melody and touching lyrics.

Overall, this song has grown on me even if I feel it's too long and a bit disjointed. I think reading the lyrics helped a lot in that growth, they are among the best on the album imo and fit perfectly to both intro and outro. You get the feeling of peace in the beginning and sadness at the end. This song is one of the weakest for me but this states more about the album quality than anything, it's a good song.
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After more listens, the song actually started to grow.

I feel the same, both the intro and outro are fantastic, and I dig the subject matter of the song as well, it will be probably still stay as one of my weaker songs on the album though.