Little musical cues that you love


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On ''Brave New World'' live when during Janick's solo Nicko hits the cymbals - it's quite effective. I wish these hits were presented in the studio version too.... 4:19/4:27


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Everything on Genghis Khan.. This one,specially on that guitar tune and that slightly delay.Defines IRON MAIDEN. It still impacts me and give me goosebumps after so many years. :edmetal:
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:cheers: To this thread. Oh man their are sooooooo many of these magic moments in Maidens songs. Where to start...? The bending chord that pops up a couple times on the Talisman.. the crazy little poppy riff during seventh son. The heavy heavy part in where eagles dare.. . I could do this all day. Great stuff Chaos..


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I don't know if it belongs here, but everytime I hear "ascending the throne wearing feathers and shelves" it turns somethings on in my brain, triggering synaptic connexions responsible for a sentiment of joy and elation. Only Maiden do that to me.
And the drum fill right after the first line in the second chorus.


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There's plenty of moments, I will add more later but I will start with this one:
Middle part of "Blood Brothers" (4:00) onwards, with clean-guitar and then distortion (5:17) with Janick's magnificent solo (5:44). That's great and I love it.
I've experienced this song live in concerts, it brings a bit tears to my eyes and feelings as I've always thought of those that have passed away.


I've always found the second verse of "Die With Your Boots On", Maiden England '88, to be so utterly epic. The guitars sound so big - Adrian doing a double accent type thing on each chord creates a kind of 'high end wail' in the mix. Love Bruce's vocals. Nicko grooving, with lovely fills. It all works.
Infinite Dreams - the way they go back into the guitar harmony after the solos with Nicko rolling through his snare and toms then hitting the crash right on point.

Stranger In A Strange Land - guitar solo - when Adrian cranks it after the quieter part and the repeated bend gets lost in the mix somehow. I don't know if the volume drops or something. That moment is chills.

Wasted Years - you know during the main riff before the solo when the drums come in hitting the snare and chugging rhythm guitar? That last snare hit. Right there. Class.

The Clansman - Rock in Rio - "Alright, fucking scream it!!"

Black Bart

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To me, the band has never sounded so intense than after when Bruce sings "You're packing your bags, you're coming with me" in "22 Acacia Avenue". The fact that the same rhythmic keeps on pounding on is of course no stranger to this impression.


One of my favourites is the slow, emotional, atmospheric part in 'Sea of Madness': "It's madness, The sun don't shine, On the sea of madness, There ain't no wind to fill your sails, Madneeeeeeess...".

I agree with Take no pensioners and Black Bart selections.


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Infinite Dreams - the way they go back into the guitar harmony after the solos with Nicko rolling through his snare and toms then hitting the crash right on point.

- If Eternity Should Fail when they go back into the main riff after the fast part.
- Coming Home. Every time Bruce sings to albion's land.


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Maiden were on sky arts 1 (extracts from Flight 666) tonight so I picked up a few more great cues, but have forgot them all.

One, that I did remember, even though it wasn't in Flight 666 but it reminded me, was some video, possibly Maiden England but it could be a different one, during Hallowed at the "cos at 5 o'clock they take me to the gallows pole" line, Steve makes the cut throat gesture.


Wild Wind, En Vivo is littered with them:

Timings taken from:

1:32 - Bruce looks in the mirror
1:58 - Adrian trails the rhythm
(2:33, 2:50, 3:22) - Bend/vibrato on last chord of the bar
3:07 - "They tell us...."
3:44 - Nicko, then "Hey! Hey! Hey"
(4:41 - 4:59)
(5:18 - 5:36)
(5:36 - 5:55) - The wail (5.45 drums come in)
6:32 - That god damn riff
8:05 - "I can't believe..."
8:13 - Adrian fill