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Funnily enough I remember that moment well, as many years ago I was being told a series of important things by my then girlfriend, but I wasn’t paying attention as the metalhead in the room next door was listening to the Gettysburg trilogy. It reached the ‘it’s all my faulttt’ bit and I did a fist pump and said ‘Ripper nailed it’ and she shouted and shouted and shouted at me because apparently I cannot prioritise properly.
It’s such a great moment. When Ripper nails it, he fucking nails it, and that line is an example of him fucking nailing it. That said I have a lot of issues with his enunciation, his thinner voice, and his vocal approach in general. Hearing him singing as Lee kinda throws me off a bit. But the whole trilogy is a straight 10/10 (albeit also a bit problematic in its storytelling) and I’m absolutely fine with what we got. I never hear the songs outside of the context because to me it’s really just one 30 minute song.


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A quick newsflash on SPOILER POLICY re posting about Legacy of the Beast World Tour 2022. We're going to lock the post-pandemic thread in Maiden Chat on Sunday and start a new tour thread with tour dates in the first post.

Members are politely requested to head for this new thread to chat about the tour as it gets underway, and try to keep spoilers in there, for the enjoyment of other members who prefer to be surprised when they turn up for their local show*

However, as it's proven so difficult in recent years to police spoilers, forum members are advised that moderators can't guarantee any part of the forum is 100% spoiler free.

*Well, apart from Wrathchild, which will find its way onto the setlist on any Maiden tour obvs

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I wonder if anyone has ever completely avoided this place so they wouldn’t see any spoilers.
I wonder how long anyone can keep their head in the sand for?

The last Maiden show I was at, when the roadies were bringing out the monitors (with setlists taped to the fronts) someone half-way down the arena shouted out "keep your setlists to yourselves - I haven't avoided spoilers all this time just for you to ruin it now!" :lol:


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*Well, apart from Wrathchild, which will find its way onto the setlist on any Maiden tour obvs

Also Fear of the Dark, Hallowed be thy Name, Iron Maiden, The Trooper, The Number of the Beast. Including Wrathchild, that's 40% the set list.
Add the usual suspects such as Kevin Spacey, Benicio del Torro and the other guys :p then "spoilers" becomes 3 -5 songs that are in play.


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Well, that escalated quickly…

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