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Women complain about sex more often than men. Their gripes fall into two major categories: (1) Not Enough. (2) Too much.
xD Where did this come from? lol Jokes on you, because anytime girls hear anyone say something like that, that clearly means they're not any good at it. :bigsmile: Oh, you're too funny, mate.

Every person is different with sex and preferences regardless of gender or bits, and everyone is built a bit differently. Maybe try learning and paying attention to your partner, their own unique anatomy, and what they might want, rather than trying to oversimplfy everything for the sake of your ego. xD

And if you're a young chap just of age where they genuinely just don't know any better, then forget what I just said, and let me know so I can give you links to a few online programs that will benefit you and your future partners greatly. (Porn is never a good teacher as fun as it might be to watch it sometimes) Its tricky with all the stupidity and ignorance out there to know what to think, and whats real and whats not, and that's definitely not your fault. I only wrote this for those who are well beyond this phase, and fully deserve what I just said. ;)


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Learned that one of the best frontmen/singers from former Yugoslavia has died today. At 67.

That makes me want to go to as many concerts as possible in the near future. I dread the thought of my favourite bands disappearing one by one.

Rest in peace, Aki.
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It genuinely sucks, and theres no way to avoid the mourning...but, once we have mourned properly, I think if we remember them as they were and what made us smile, feel, and enriched our own lives over the years, then in a way, even though the they left this world, they never really left us, yeah?

And what a performance! Thanks for sharing it with us @matic22 for those who may not be familiar with him. :) See? You're already carrying on his legacy so people remember and maybe even new people find his work. That's gotta count for something, right mate?

It's bloody §$%&ing sad, and I don't even want to think about it, but one thing's for certain. When Iron Maiden start their epic journey into the next stage of existence, they will ALWAYS be quite alive, right here in my heart. And much like this talented and passionate Yugoslavian gentleman, thats something even death can never take from them or us. It's something we carry with us, always.

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Although not a big fan, I wanted to go to their show a few months before the pandemic, but... forgot about it. Sad.


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I missed an election due to corona vaccine symptoms. I feel a bit guilty, because this was the first vote I missed since -99 when I was abroad. It was also the first welfare area election ever. My party didn't do very well, probably because a lot of other people did like I and didn't go to voting.

On other things, I had my last workday of my current job today. Feels very strange, because I worked there for almost 2 years. Because we've been working from home practically the whole corona time, place won't change because I'll still be at home as much. I may have a chance for a position that's open now in the same department, but if I don't get the job, I won't ever work there again. That feels strange too.


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Janick was at the Manchester United vs West Ham match this weekend...

I thought he is a fan of Hartlepool United
It's so weird to see him with a slightly shorter hair.

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Janick was at the Manchester United vs West Ham match this weekend...

I thought he is a fan of Hartlepool United
He is but did anyone by any chance notice Steve around the place :innocent:
It's so weird to see him with a slightly shorter hair.
It's not too dissimilar to the length he used to have it during his Gillan days. But yes that is a shock :eek:

This is probably the first proper picture of him to emerge post-lockdown (I think we've already seen everyone else, for one reason or another).