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Will also get you membership of various re-enactment societies.
Honestly, this is another thing. There's various historic weapons out there I'm really interested in looking at and understanding, even if I never fire them. The thing that got me interested in the concept was watching Sean Bean fire actual Waterloo weapons, rather than props from Sharpe, and how it changed his outlook for the role and the history. Pretty neat stuff!

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I've always been thinking the song was aimed at Motley Crue
Nikki Sixx thought that too, and threw a luvvie fit over it :lol:

Bruce himself said it wasn't aimed at anyone in particular, just the attitudes prevalent in the LA rock scene generally. This does not in any way stop your point being valid though - Motley Crue were a prominent example, but far from being the only pebble on that particular beach (unfortunately).

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Speaking of the Crue, Vince better get his stuff together or they might be gone for good. Unless they decide to cheat and use backtracking.

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Speaking of Dutch athletes. I watched the Diamond League event last night and noticed a Dutch girl named Bol won the women's 400m hurdles. I couldn't help myself thinking "good her first name isn't Ana".