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Is it just me, or are the high points of the Deris era Helloween of equal greatness as those of the Kiske era? I'm revisiting Keeper: The Legacy. It's really good, and some tracks are just stunning.


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The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

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IIRC, as far as music primarily aimed at angsty teenagers goes, The Black Parade was pretty good. I would still rank it below American Idiot, with all its admited Who-isms and arguably more of a pleasant outview and more genuine emotions, but in retrospect, both MCR and Fall Out Boy should have had much better reputation than they had at the time.


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I would still rank it below American Idiot
What a coincidence - that's the album I plan on listening to next! My friend and I had a 'cultural exchange' of sorts. I agreed to listen to The Black Parade, and she agreed to listen to Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. It's interesting how her favourite songs on The Black Parade are pretty much my least favourite.

both MCR and Fall Out Boy should have had much better reputation than they had at the time
Hmm, I never thought much of Fall Out Boy. Maybe their deep cuts are better than their radio hits?

I probably would! Title track is great but I haven’t heard anything beyond it.
Right now, the title track is probably my favourite, but it's hard to categorise. Its mood is very different from the rest of the album.

I quite enjoy Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. Not as keen on Black Parade onwards.
I'll add that one to the list!


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If Paddy’s accident involved sleeping pills or poisoning, would that make it a Chemical Divorce...? :ahhh:


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If the chemistry is right, biological drives make people get physical. The math checks out.
My friends and I used to write teenage girl wisecrack lines like this when I was 13 in each other's memory scrapbooks (popularly known as lexicons of all things).