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If you are a smoker, you might describe the smell of cigarette smoke as a wonderful tantalizing hint of the lethargic, mind-numbing feeling that you hope to soon achieve

I am a smoker and I describe the smell of a stale cigarette smoke as get that dreadful thing out of my way. I like my tobacco with morning and post-lunch coffee for the reasons that'd be classified as "too much information"


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I completely forgot to mention, I got the latest FC magazine last week. I still haven't read it as it got put away somewhere safe. ::)

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If I sleep for less than 8 hours, I'm cranky. If I sleep for more, I'm tired all day.

That's a good thing, as it suggests you have good circadian rhythm.

As for me, it's all messed up. The reason I slept 13 hours is because I had slept 2 hours the previous day.

Even having to go to work every morning hasn't fixed my sleep cycle inconsistencies yet.