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Bleeding Freak
My face when my crush finally and unexpectedly asks me if I wanna chill but I've already gone out to hang out with mates for the evening


Keeping an open eye on the Weeping Angels.
Maiden will always get my vote! Unless Angel And The Gambler is involved.
What? That's the second (or maybe the third) best song on that album. Seriously.

Still, in other news: I've just spent £51 on 7 CDs. All brand new. Not bad for that price. Considering I spent £28 on Reign in Blood in 1990 (still, to this day, the most expensive CD I've ever purchased), it's a real bargain.

As to anyone who asks why Reign in Blood cost so much? For 28 minutes of music? Well, back then getting hold of that CD in the UK was almost impossible. Listen to any Tom Araya interview and he talks about the record company and distributers handling it with "kid gloves". I found it in an independent record store as a US import for that price.


Keeping an open eye on the Weeping Angels.
Sorry, forgot to post this earlier. If anyone is friends with me on Facebook, they should (or might) have seen a picture of my mum wearing one of her Maiden t-shirts. It's a Killers one, and it depicts Eddies face with just the axe on the back. In gray-scale but for the blood. Anyone that comments on it, she will show them the back as she thinks it's the best part.