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We kept being told journalism wasn't a profession, but being a lawyer is.
A person drawing this particular distinction apparently thinks that what a separates a "profession" from an "occupation" mainly has to do with exams, governing bodies and letters after your name. Thus I would be a member of a "profession" since I am entitled to use the letters MAAT, but someone with the same experience and skills but qualified only by experience would not be (which is actually a sore point at the moment, with some accountants).

But there is also something called "the oldest profession", as represented by our old friend Charlotte. I don't think she had to pass any exams ...

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Pleb Hunter
That must be the case in Canada, apparently. But in Soviet Russia and in Socialist Bulgaria, a tractor driver is a tractor driver and nothing else.
It's interesting that Socialism/Communism exists to give everyone a job but doesn't allow anyone to build a career, and that Capitalism encourages people to work hard and move up the ladder, but it biased against the people who want to move up.

Isn't a tractor driver a farmer?
I'd say the same thing.
When I was in first grade, we had to learn by heart a short poem that contained the verse "My dad is a tractor driver and I am going to be a tractor driver too."
Are there Bulgarians whose surname is Traktordriverov(a), like the English names Thatcher, Carpenter, Smith etc.?