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Hope you get it back. I got pretty much all of my bank account wiped out once, just before Christmas of all times. The bank failed to stop pending payments going out (all payments to various European airlines) but refunded everything a few weeks later.

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20 confirmed dead already. Likely to increase. Fucking hell.

Most people dead/injured are probably kids and teens, not that adults dying is more acceptable.


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Police have so far confirmed 19 dead and 50 injured, and they are currently treating it as terrorism


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From what I've read on social media it was apparently a nail bomb. Also a lot of people have said that there was not a lot of security at the entrace. Just scan and go.


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Jesus this sucks. A terrible tragedy that will make people more wary of concerts in general, I think. Fuck these assholes who ruin people's good times.

It's a very very small comfort, but to think that this could have been two weeks ago at a Maiden concert is insane and I'm glad we didn't lose anybody from this forum or the Maiden family. It's disgusting and depressing that these concert goers lost their lives just for having a night out at the show.

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:goodbye::(This news is just so fucking sad and horrible! I can't help but fear that me, a close family member or friend or someone on here will some day be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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Statistically, going to a concert is still a very safe activity, and this will unfortunately lead to more security theatre. If this is another lone wolf or small cell attacker, we need to really get to the point where we accept this is the new normal.