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It isn't. However, as painful as it might (will) be, I look forward to hearing their swan song.
Well, Steve stated that they might continue recording, even when they can't tour anymore. So the next album could be the swan song, but you never know.


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Please no.
What he said.

I don't think there really is anything that could replace 2MTM. I'd say it has to be something of a similar tempo to keep the momentum going, so BTATS or Paschendale (as much as I'd love to hear them) wouldn't really work. Death or Glory fits, but would Maiden play a new tune so soon? I'd guess we wouldn't see anything from TBOS until the next album tour.

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Well, this isn't 80's anymore and Maiden can't plan 2 years in advance. They were doing that until the end of ME tour, but then Bruce's illness happened. I think they have some sort of deal that they need to report to managment what they want to do soon enough and then the managment books events/studios.

But I really doubt that the managment is already planing for 2020. They are all 60 now.
Maiden may take more time off now, but yes they still plan years in advance. When they announced the LOTB tour on Nov 13 2017 even then they said the tour is expected to continue in 2019. When TBOS was released I watched an interview with Nicko and he stated Rod told them "don't plan anything for the next 2 years". I bet Rod is definitely looking now at what will happen in 2020.


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I don't see a reason not to plan everything 2 years in advance. It has worked well for them so far.
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