FTGGOG is a bit of a momentum killer. Luckily Wicker Man brings the audience back into it a little bit. Was surprised how big of a reaction Clansman got.
They were playing the south. I expect a bigger reaction for that song in Georgia :)

Seriously, it's a good song, one that has grown on me. However, I'm looking forward to seeing FTGGOG for the first time live, as it's easily the best song on A Matter of Life and Death
What's going on with Nashville? Only about 30% of tickets sold
The other venues are sold out or close to sold out.

I’m guessing part of the problem is Ticketmaster’s price fluctuations. I’ve been keeping an eye on this show because I want to go to it, and the prices have been all over the place. The nosebleed seats went from $45 to $75, for example.

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Rather surprising regarding Nashville considering they drew ~11,000 on TBoS. Still a month to show time, so I imagine they'll cut those upper bowl tickets in half price-wise pretty soon.


Janick played the Revelations solo. Wonder if they are going to alternate again this tour.
And it blew... He killed all of Adrian's solos.

His own solos on songs like Sign of the Cross, or The Clansman, which btw is a great solo, he played them clean.


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Most likely. In particular Janicks solo on Hallowed Be Thy Name on Rock in Rio is far superior to Adrian's.
That is indeed a good solo. Nevertheless, the main problem is that when Janick plays Adrian's solos and things go well, they go well, but when they don't, they can go terribly wrong.

I'd say let Adrian play his solos and given some of Dave's to Janick. :D