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I am *not* a person who identifies as a lover of guitar solos or whatever, but I will say I detected more sloppiness from Dave than Janick in the 2 shows I saw this tour. That's my highly untrained ears, mind you.
I'm still not sure why you think what you gave me was a "full set of information". It's a full set of information on your album rankings, but was that what we were talking about?
That post ultimately links to my ratings of every single song, and comments about why I gave them the ratings I did. If you wanted to check my ratings of any song based on songwriters, etc., the full set of information is right there.

Since you were specifically questioning the validity of my comments based on an apparent assumption that I’d pulled out a handful of positive and negative examples without anything deeper to rest the overall conclusion on, I directed you to the full set of information if you wanted to look at the details. I don’t understand why this is confusing for you.

What I meant to say was that I am not particularly interested in individual song ratings for their own purpose, or who thinks what song is better than which.
That’s fine, but you seemed keenly interested in questioning the foundation of the comment I’d made about Janick’s songwriting, which was based on my assessment of all of the songs in the band’s catalog. If you thought the comment didn’t add up, or wasn’t based on anything substantive, I pointed you toward the information so you could check it for yourself if you were so inclined. Sounds like you’re not.
Alright, I didn't see the links in that post, and I wasn't actually interested in this level of detail. I was more interested in the general point, which you even said you agreed with on.
Have fun!

I'm flying up to Seattle tomorrow for my first show of the tour. This will be my 7th show.
If I wasn’t in school Friday morning I’d be driving down after class get some out Thursday afternoon. We will see how I feel tomorrow may decide to take the trek
We've had people around who genuinely said only Thunderstick Maiden was true Maiden and the like.
Come on Per, nobody ever said that really.
And short-lived as it was, that's the line-up that came up with Phantom, one of the best early songs, after all.
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