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So, the first leg of Priest's tour had over 104 concerts, wow ! No new rare songs were added for SA and Asia legs. They just returned to their full set with 19 songs.

And they already added some dates for the second leg in 2019 (56 dates, to be precise) - and the whole amount of dates for this Firepower World Tour is 160 concerts so far. Maiden did not have a tour with 160 or more dates since WST in '84-'85 !

It will be interesting to see what Priest has planned for next year's 50th anniversary of the band. I expect surprises (but not bringing back K.K.). Maybe playing the new album in full. It's interesting to see if the band will release a live album and DVD from this tour (once the tour is over in 2019). Live album is more likely, but a video/DVD will be a huge honor for Andy Sneap and I'm sure they will choose a concert where Glenn has made a appearance on 3-4 songs at the end of the set.

The deep cuts that the band dusted off for this tour were (I'll add a spoiler tag in any case. Is it still necessary?):

Running Wild
Saints In Hell
Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
Night Comes Down
Delivering The Goods
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According to K.K. Priest started the NWOBHM. Hm, I thought Maiden, Saxon, Def Leppard were the ones that started it.
(he also speaks about the so called Punk Revolution in the link below)


"It was good, because JUDAS PRIEST, we were flying the banner for what we knew and believed in," Downing said. "It was very frustrating, because it was only just getting going — that's how I felt about it — what we were doing. 'Cause we hadn't actually got there yet. In '77, '78, I still felt we were climbing the ladder, trying to get to where we were intending to be. Which proved to be true, because it wasn't really until 'British Steel', because in '76, '77, I was wearing leather and studs and that stuff, and then I kind of encouraged Rob [Halford, vocals] on board: 'Come to London. Have some clothes made.' Which he did. By the time 'British Steel' came around, we were all on board with that look. So everything was complete. We had a great album, great album cover, and, at last, the look was there — the metal look. And because we rode the storm out — the punk and new wave — we had people that had been influenced by us and other bands that were still around — the SCORPIONS, UFO and those other bands — [and] we had [the start of] a so-called New Wave [Of British Heavy Metal]."

The Flash

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The quote doesn't really suggest that he claimed that Priest started NWOBHM. Just that the ones that did were influenced by them (among others), which is accurate.


Out of the Silent Planet


Out of the Silent Planet
Downing didn't write the title. The man from the website did. It's what the man from the website thinks. It's not what Downing thinks.
Yeah, that misled me. But everything is ok now, don't worry. ;)
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He's back with a bang !

You may be wondering......
Would K.K. rejoin Priest ? Well, it's all a question of how you're being asked , he says. -> http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/wo...-a-question-of-how-youre-being-asked-he-says/

Do not miss to read his utterance ! You will have only one chance before he says/complains about something else in a few days.

So, do not miss your chance. Hurry up ! Only here in Maidenfans ! :bigsmile:
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"Well, you kind of say in the music industry, 'Never say never,'" K.K. responded (hear audio below). "So it's all a question of how you're being asked and under what circumstances you're being asked. It's not just a question of somebody picking up the phone and saying, 'Oh, K.K., do you feel like doing this? We'd really like to have you back with us just for this special moment.' And then you start thinking about, 'If we did that, then we could do this.' It's all about how you're asked. But it somebody picks up the phone and says, 'Yeah, a couple of people from the record company have asked if you'd do this with us,' it's a different thing. That's the way we are as humans. I mean, probably not everybody is maybe as sensitive as me, but it's all in the asking, isn't it?"

He continued: "I've had a couple of relationships myself in my life, and the ladies have often said to me, 'You know, the problem is not with what you say; it's how you say it.' And I have to take that on board. [Laughs] I think, 'What do they mean?' It's the tone of voice and the right time and all of that.

"Maybe I could [play with PRIEST again], if they said, 'Would you mind doing this?' Not just saying, 'Can you do that?' Or, 'That needs doing.' But [if they say], 'Do you think you can do this for me, please?' There's a massive difference. Especially with the ladies, timing is critical. Sometimes you can say it like that; other times… That's what confuses us as men. I'm diversifying now a little bit. I say something one day, and it's okay. And I say it exactly the same way the next day and all hell breaks loose."

Circling back to the subject of him possibly returning to PRIEST, Downing noted that "the ball is not exactly in my court." However, he didn't rule out rejoining forces with his former bandmates for a special appearance. "For example, getting inducted into the [Rock And Roll] Hall Of Fame," he said. "You don't get those things happening more than once in a lifetime. Probably if you lived 10 lifetimes, it would maybe only happen once. So some things you probably couldn't say no to. Having said what I said, whichever way it was [presented to me], just to be a part of that."


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Got KK's book for Christmas, started it last night. So far, so good. I'm only a couple of chapters in, he's only just picked up the guitar. Pretty crazy what he went through with his Dad. KK also made an interesting comment about how the "past of least resistance was always the most attractive" to him, obviously that'll come into play when he joins - and eventually leaves - Priest.


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If the book continues to get decent reviews, I'll likely grab it as well. No problem with helping KK out a bit.