Judas Priest

For Ian, ''Fever'' and ''Worth Fighting For'' are hidden gems. I agree with him on those 2. His all-time favorite song is ''Dissident Aggressor''.
If Serpent is generic then what's Afterglow of Ragnarok? :lol:
''The Serpent And The King'' with its riffs, tempo and vocals is cool and energetic, but tbh I prefer Bruce's different style/approach on the new album to all these samey songs by other classic bands. They wish to have Bruce's melodic choruses. Even Ragnarok has a bit more character because of it (I'm not saying it's better).
If this forum has taught me anything, it's that no matter how good a song/album someone releases, there will always be a group that will say it's weak, generic and boring.

People can have very different musical tastes and that is what makes the discussion interesting. It would be very boring if we all agreed all the time, wouldn’t it?
Priest fans here are a confused bunch


Been a Priest fan since 79 and the beauty about this band is how original they are for a metal band. And I love how they mix up their setlists from tour to tour. Could do without LAM imo but all the same these guys are true musicians and proved it with these early releases. Jesus Christ people, get a grip.

Panic Attack. The complaints here on this one just blows my mind. This is the most original sound of anything they have done in a long time. The beginning buildup, the lyrics, the awesome guitar work and pace makes this a Priest classic. It’s a beautiful clean sound to boot. They are giving you classic Priest in a much updated sound and structure. I love how Rob works this song too, he doesn’t stretch himself or gets too ambitious with his voice on this one. I can’t wait until this is played live.

Trial by Fire. Ok this is Priest paint by numbers here but still, it works. If this is a filler song then I’m estactic about it. Rob still instills some energy in this one.

Crown of Horns. How the hell can anyone complain about Priest giving us a ballad from time to time. Alone? Angel? It all works for Priest. Crown is a more ambitious ballad and still gives us that heavy guitar riff in the middle. Who cares if you can sing along to this one, it’s different and that’s why it fits on this record. It’s a fantastic melody

Serpent and the King. Good god, you asked for a speed burner and they gave you one. They just smacked you in the face with it. And people here are complaining about the chorus??? Get a life. The chorus works here, it gives the song foreground, composition, and design element. That’s why the rest of the 120mph song works

None of these songs sound anything like each other. I’m all about my band giving me something original, and after 19 studio albums these sonsofbitches gave us just that. They delivered the goods on this one.