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I like Point of Entry too, it tails off towards the end but is pretty good with a few gems. I really like the sound of this and High n Dry where the production is starting to head towards the glitzy 80's sheen but hasn't reached the excesses of it yet.


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Priest will celebrate 50th anniversary of the band touring trough USA in september

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Said bassist Ian Hill: "After the horrific year of restrictions we've all had to endure, what better place to break free than the land of the freethe USA!" Is something wrong with the rest of the countries you visit Ian? :facepalm:


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I can see myself in Montreal for that. November feels a little more likely than October for Megadave.


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I'm planning on attending the Oxon Hill, MD show, that venue will have general admission floor standing which I prefer instead of chairs.
It will be the fourth time I would see Priest. All three shows I've seen were awesome.
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Priest will celebrate 50th anniversary of the band touring trough USA in september
Short leg for Priest. I expect a great stage design for this tour.

If only Maiden would do the short 3rd leg of LOTB tour this year (thus the next year would be all free for the new album)..., but Maiden's planned concerts for next year are in Europe (not in USA) and they want a summer (stadium) tour.


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Got tix for the Rosemont Theatre ("Chicago") date. I guess September is when I'll feel fine going to concerts again.

Can't wait to watch Sabaton blow them off the stage :D
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It’s a good song. Rather lazy to have the vocal lines follow the riffs yet again, though. And Ripper really, really should hold back on the metal thing in his lyrics.


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The intro (without the drums), the riffs and the fast tempo are right from the Painkiller album, while the drum intro and the screaming vocals are right from the title track from JP '90. Brutal chorus (accompanied by the same type of singing in the verses) and great solos (fast and slow ones). The choir singing after the solos and the middle slow part are a curious changes of the tempo/additions (short bass solo can be heard too). The outro is the same like the intro. Good song for a title track. Both songs released so far are good imo.

- btw, K.K. said that he already started writing songs for the second album and that the whole band will write the songs together, because in this debut album all of the songs are written by him.

So far, with the two released songs, K.K. continued the style of the Priest albums before he left (the 1st song) and made one in the style of the best Priest album (the 2nd song). It seems he wants to revisit the past, so I expect a ballad, more rock type of song (note to the early 80's), song in the style of Priest from the 70's, singalong (glam metal) type of song (like ''Turbo Lover''), a heavy song (tribute to the albums with Ripper Owens), one song with long dual guitar solos... Joking aside, this was inevitable, I guess.

Hope the album will have a variety (since both songs so far are with high-pitched vocals). But in the end, classic heavy metal can't be bad. ;)
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K.K. Downing about Iron Maiden ------> Interview

I have to say that IRON MAIDEN got an awful lot of things right where we got some things not so right, I guess.

I think when bands like IRON MAIDEN came along, they kind of knew their direction and kept it there. And that element of consistency as well, with bands like the mighty AC/DC and various bands, that works really, really well. And also the consistency of just going out year after year as well and working really, really hard.