Judas Be My Guide

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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
The fact that Maiden could make such a beautiful song on what is generally considered an ugly album (I disagree with that statement BTW) shows just how great they truly are. I need that chorus on repeat. 10/10.

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
9. It's brilliant. Just brilliant. It's almost like Maiden made an entire epic fit within 3 minutes. This song has everything: it's catchy, has fabulous riffs, fantastic lyrics, perfect solos. The only problem is that it's too damn short! Should've definitely been a single.
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7/10. It’s a good song, although if compared to the previous and the next on the album, it sounds like an absolute masterpiece.


Love in anger
An epic intro builds into an energetic riff with a sweet lead on top of it. The verse is catchy despite Bruce's overly growly and occasionally off-key delivery, and the chorus is great.

Another round of verse and chorus leads us into a nice harmonized interlude, vocal bridge, and a very good solo. More great chorus and sweet noodling, and the song ends on a nice crescendo.

This is a great song that's really only held back by Bruce's weaker vocal performance. 8/10.


Out of the Silent Planet
This song is a lost classic ! The chorus is gold, fantastic solo by Dave, great intro, Bruce sounds very good and the twin-lead guitar harmony is awesome. The part before the solo starts is great too. Amazing pre-chorus. One of the best short rockers by Maiden, a hidden gem ! They have to play it live - that is a must ! I mean, how is it even possible to not play that song live... I think every Maiden fan wants this song to be played live, so that's why this song is only underrated by the band.

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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
As much as I love "The Apparition", this song is even better. Opening with a fantastic riff that moves into a bit of a solo-y section before the verse, and then the verse itself, with Bruce at his raspiest and most aggressive with some really deadly lyrics... it's great. The chorus is short but my god is it incredible. This song is just fantastic. Its runtime is on the low side, but damn does it do everything it sets out to do beautiful. I love it. 10


Ancient Mariner
sO uNdErRaTeD

Seriously, though, a very special entry in the Maiden discography that deserves more recognition than it has (it seems to do fine among hardcore fans). JBMG kicks ass.

It's interesting that on the second and fourth lines of the chorus, I hear some guitar action that isn't written in any tabs. There is a nice guitar track that plays something like A-A#-A-A# A-G over the C-A# D-C chords, probably as octave chords on the D and B string.
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Educated Fool
The lyrics seem to describe the thoughts of someone who, having
experiencing the cynicism of modern reality and having felt the faith
in values and in the system to be crushed under the inhuman
everyday life, chooses to stop believing in these values, to "betray"
modern ideals. He likens this attitude to the archetype for
western civilization betrayal, betrayal of Judas.
After describing the reality with
caustic style, addressed to the listener with
way the ecclesiastical tradition and folk
imagination have rendered its contribution
betrayal of Judas: whispering in
night (“The one who would deliver him
he gave them a sign saying: "Whoever I kiss,
That's him. hold him. " And he immediately approached
Jesus and said, "Hail, Rabbi," and
he fell asleep. ", Matthew, 26:48). He whispers "in the listener's dreams",
wanting to persuade him to "betray" what she considers her false ideals
of our time, as, according to Christian tradition, Judas, in his night
Of the Last Supper, betrayed Christ.