Judas Be My Guide

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Night Prowler

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Finally a good song. Great chorus. Bruce's gruff vocals don't fit the verses, but he sings good on the chorus. I'll give it 6/10.


This is exactly what this album needed after all these filler-ish songs. Great melodies, great guitar playing and Bruce sounds good to my ears!
A hidden gem overlooked because it hides between two of Maidens worst songs ever. I think this should have worked perfect as the second single instead of From Here To Eternity!



Ancient Mariner
An easy 8. Just a great song all the way through.


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Ancient Mariner
Despite the rave reviews above, I've always found this to be a pretty average kind of track. An enjoyable listen, but not more than that.


Ancient Mariner
Another really good track. One of the most memorable songs from the album, with yet another killer solo by Dave fucking Murray!


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Judas Be My Guide, another Murray credit (and my but he seems good at writing rocking penultimate tunes), is awesome. Musically, it sounds like something that could have been on Somewhere In Time but the vocals are more mature and more confidently delivered. The chorus is incredibly catchy and the quick turnarounds during the bridge really add a flavor of unpredictability to the song.


Signed up just to comment on that song, favorite track on Fear Of The Dark. Was utterly surprised no one had ever mentioned it before I heard it for the first time, 13 years ago

I think the title is an intended change of "Jesus be my guide" with a lyrical theme on how the world has lost the motive for becoming a better place (say, being guided by Jesus who preached benevolence and forgiveness) and instead follows the path of Judas (betraying the world's hope for a handful of silver). Not that I wouldn't expect Iron Maiden to adopt the Judas of Kazantzakis's "The Last Temptation", I just don't think Judas here refers to Judas as a person but as a symbol of betrayal

'Lights out - we live in a world of darkness
No doubt, everything's up for sale
We sleep - all of the world is burning
We pray to God for a better deal'

World is going astray and the people's reaction? Inaction and prayer to God

'Nothing is sacred back then or now
Everything's wasted'

Disillusionment about the world's morality and future

'Is that all there is? Can I go now?'
But in truth not even the one who hits the nail on the matter really cares enough to do anything to change it

'Judas my guide
Whispers in the night
Judas my guide'

The way we live our lives is mandated by betrayal. Not necessarily for money

'Fight wars, die in a blaze of glory
Come home meat in a plastic sack'

You go to war to fight and eventually die for nothing

'Fall down, better pray to your God for mercy
So kneel and help the blade cut clean'

If you're resigned and have given up, all that is left for you is to pray for mercy. But you're nothing more than an easier victim

'Nothing is sacred back then or now
Everyone's wasted
Is that all there is? Is that it now?'

Again the disillusionment, with a bit more despair that things could be better but are getting hopelessly worse.

'I live in the black, I have no guiding light
I'm whispering in your dreams'

The quintessential lyrics of the song. With no light of hope within sight, you are susceptible to the whispers of Judas. Or becoming a Judas oneself

That's my take of the song lyrics, hope you'll find it interesting. Up the Irons lads


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This song actually only revealed itself to me recently. I never paid much attention to it before, but it's probably the next best song after ATSS. Really great riffing and the energy is finally there. This is one of the few songs where it feels like they're actually trying, I can't believe they never played it live or put it out as a single. It's also buried so deep within the album that it's almost as if they didn't want it to get any attention. But really, if the whole album was like this song it'd be great. Melodically it's like a high speed version of what a lot of the American metal acts were doing at the time, but with the Maiden flair to it.

The classic 3+3+2 rhythm is there but they're doing something different with it. The more staccato changing guitar chords really give it a different flair.



Probably the best short rocker on the album. Much better melodies and much better from Nicko and Dave in particular than on the opener say. Still a bit lacking though



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This is one of those songs that is really on the cusp of greatness. For its length, I think it's pretty fantastic, and Bruce sounds his best on this album. The little intro solo is blistering. 8/10. Could have been a 9 with a bit more substance.