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Ancient Mariner
All for Love is one of my favourite songs from the newest album. That got me thinking, Satch’s “love” songs tend to be really good: Love Thing, The Meaning of Love, What Breaks a Heart...


Ancient Mariner
Yeah, I've listened to all the songs in a random order. The album is not super special but I like All for Love, Nineteen Eighty, Falling Stars and Waiting.
By the way, I've always believed that album covers reflect the music on the album. In this case, both are pretty bland. :p


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Unstoppable Momentum is definitely an example of a very stylish cover fronting a very so-so album (though I have a soft spot for it)


Ancient Mariner
Now that I look at it, the Shapeshifting cover seems to be an homage to his 1989 album Flying in a Blue Dream. The stance is exactly the same and Satch commented that Shapeshifting is a heavily 80s-influenced album.

Oh and if you have a nice set of speakers then Here the Blue River has awesome bass.
I think his new album is okay, listened to it a few times and it is all decent stuff. Nothing though seems particularly memorable, no track makes me want to go back and listen to it multiple times. So I think it is a decent addition to his catalogue, but definitely not a classic, just one that is there for the odd listen when I want to put on something different of his.


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They're all just photos of him. Zero imagination.

Yeah, he’s looking pretty pale here.