I've got a couple of doubts

Run to the Hills was also supposed to be the final encore on the 2011 The Final Frontier tour only to be dropped in rehearsals and replaced with Running Free. Another bad choice, but probably one motivated by trying to preserve Bruce’s voice in good shape.
That's news to me.
Would have loved to have seen Infinite Dreams on the Maiden England 2012-13 tour. It remains one of my favorite Maiden songs, and I don't care if it wouldn't have sounded that great, it would have been a treat to see. Shame they were planning on it and decided to drop it.
They should have just played Seventh Son start to finish. Only the Good Die Young is a song that needs to be played.
They should honestly have done that on the original album tour if anything. But yeah if they'd bucked all previously assumed trends and did the whole album in 2012-13, I can't say I would've exactly complained. I doubt the audiences would've either, even if it almost certainly would've meant losing out on a few fan favorites.