Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

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Ancient Mariner
I got the maiden invite too, and I haven't been in the FC for probably more than 10 years, so it must be going to other m ailing lists, probably people who bought stuff


Out of the Silent Planet
So if Belshazzar's Feast is penned by Bruce and album is semi concept, single may be 7:25 min long. Intro to an album.
Sounds plausible (except the title). It could be the opener of the album (with intro like in IESF). Maiden have a few songs that are openers to their respective albums released as first singles.


Yer Mum Can't Come
I'd love Maiden to do an album called Whores of Babylon, just for how out of character it would be. If this is to be their swansong, then make it a heavy, hard, multilayered epic with left field stuff - maybe some violin, like Blaze's acoustic version of Futureal.

But yes, be unapologetic, un-PC and be the bad grandpas they should be! Whores of Babylon would an amazing title. Beat the shit out of those instruments. Get experimental. Get fast. Get heavy. Blow our fucking brains out.
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