Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations


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You forget…

Rod: Hey have you read Bruce's book? he's going to milk it touring around the world, maybe you can buy a ticket to hear some fantastic stories and even you can ask him a question trough a card that it's sure he will discard if the question is about the new album. No wait…I will (Rod's poker face)

Fans: We have tired of Bruce's book and his tour, (like Roy Z) when is he going to release new solo music?
Rod: he delayed the South American tour due to covid but hey Adrian is planning to release an autobiography book about fish and rock… He's going to save the year with his book.
Fans: What about Adrian's new solo music they've recorded and he has planned to release someday?
Rod: You said it… Someday

Fans: What about a live album of Legacy of the beast?
Rod: mmm Maybe next year, btw Have you listen British Lion's new album? they will touring next year too
Fans: Pfff

Fans: What about social media? It's so outdated…
Rod: social what?

Fans: What kind of new surprises have you got for the 3rd leg of Legacy of the beast tour next year?
Rod: a couple of new light bulbs and maybe Bruce will say something about new music soon.


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Fans: Could we get something new in the setlist? Maybe ATG, or even anything off Somewhere in Time that's not Wasted Years?
I've been to every tour bar VXI since 1993 and ever single one of those tours had at least 1 track I was hearing for the first time.

They used to play Heaven Can Wait every tour until the same fans who demand SIT songs didn't vote for it for Ed Hunter.


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13 tours, 6 albums.

I've not counted VXI as an album as like I've said I missed that tour, I've counted both legs of TFF as completely different sets, but not both legs of the other tours with more than one leg


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It's just a thought based in rumours
It's the first time I read that they will tour in North and South America next year. I don't think so IMO


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I hope you're wrong
So do I. If we are optimistic and the world suddenly goes back to normal, I think 2021 will look like this for Maiden

First quarter: New album confirmed and album tour announcement
Summer: LOTB starts. Album title, artwork release date announcement
Autumn: Album release and tour start


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My album belief is that it was recorded and originally slated to come out this year, after the 3rd leg of the now cancelled LotB tour. So it's a good chance the 3rd leg of the tour will happen in 2021, followed by the new album.


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Sweden should be on for sure
1. Dominic Sandbrook is an idiot.
2. Despite what idiots want to say about Sweden, their coronavirus (lack of) response has been a failure that has cost at least two thousand lives.

1:120 Swedes have caught COVID; 1:1780 have died. Sweden has the advantage of a low population density and cultural traditions that emphasize physical distance when possible.
Compare to Germany: 1:355 Germans have caught COVID, 1:8790 Germans died.
Compare to Canada (which has the population density advantage): 1:300 sick, 1:4165 dead.
And then Denmark (which did social distancing): 1:358 sick, 1:9364 dead.

So yeah, that's probably 3500ish unnecessary dead. tell me if it worked. And if a band full of people in their mid to late 60s is going to want to go to a country that still lets this virus run around haphazardly.