Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations


The Prisoner
Dialogue between Rod and Steve about the album cover of Maiden's new album:

Rod: So, what you come up with, Steve ?
Steve: Well, I think we can do Eddie as a footballer with a West Ham kit you know.
Rod: What, are you serious ?
Steve: Totally! We can basically add a football pitch or the West Ham's stadium...
Rod: Wait, you had your chance to do this for Flight 666 or En Vivo! but you chose a picture of the band members, because it was a documentary for the first and rehashed the Rock in Rio cover for the latter.
Steve: Ahhh, you bloody sheriff ! I am the boss !
Rod: Let's ask the rest of the guys.
Bruce: Eddie as a pilot, fencer etc...
Adrian: I want Eddie to be a fisherman.
Dave: I want Eddie to be a golf player or a guitarist.
Janick: I don't care. He's terrifying.
Nicko: Ay, it will be the best we ever done so far, so....
Steve: Hmmmm.... Let's think more about that.
Rod: Ok, but hurry up, because we have to release the album in 2019.

Seriously, if they start writing the album at the end of this month or in March they probably already started thinking about the album cover - but I guess it depends what will be the theme of the title song.
Seriously now, the album cover is the last thing they think about..

Later edit: IF they make an album.


Ancient Mariner
It seems Nicko is in London (at least his wife has posted pictures of them taken in London). Will he be travelling to Paris soon? :D
Adrian also apparently finished his vacation a few days ago. Something's up.

Bruce also has 1 week of dates left...