Iron Maiden songs – a rough overview of their “live history”

Updated, thanks to Lira pointing this out on the previous page of this thread! It's unusual since it's the only song on the "Played" section without audio proof (as of yet, there's no recording available) but I am going to put it there anyway.

In 1985 -one calender year after it supposed to have happened- the main songwriter of this particular track, Adrian Smith, told the following in the official fanzine (International Edition, number 15):

Q: Have you a particular favourite song you've written and performed?

Adrian: I enjoyed writing 'Back In The Village" with Bruce and played it a few times but dropped it from the set. I like playing most of the recent songs like '2 Minutes To Midnight'. When you've been playing the same songs night after night for about a year, any new material is a relief.

@lira: remember what you told about Invasion and Women in Uniform (page 4 of this thread)? Any more info/confirmation?
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Hi Forostar. No, and I have to be sincere, the guy listed to me the set list but didn't show me the recording even after some requests. I wouldn't like to think it's a set up because i trust him. But again... that's me saying. Feel free to remove it from the list when you want.

Anyway, I will get back if i have any confirmation of this.
No Lira, (for a while at least) I'll keep it there, saying "waiting for confirmation".
If you really trust him you could ask him why he doesn't show you the recording.

Let's wait and see.
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Foro, something wrong about Ides of March. It was played well into 1981 and probably 1982 (though i never heard it, it's listed in a couple gigs on the Commentary, early on the Beast tour), though it was slowly dropped to Murders which could work as an intro too.

A crowd favorite... in Italy, late 1981...


Ah! of course, i forgot, it was also played on tour nº 18. :)
Thanks but that's a tape (studio version), not a real live performance. :)
This real live version is from the Ruskin Arms, 5 October 1979:
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Ah, yes, i understand. I actually thought about that, but since Ides was release as an official song, i wondered if we could considered it always as a "played song", though not really played "live".

For instance, part of Aces, Moonchild, and Satellite are tape too. Even Rime. On the other hand, SSOSS is completely live ( i mean the spoken words). Maybe those should get an asterisk, or something? What do you think about that?
No that would be exaggerated, Rotam. The songs Maiden play live (and which are featured in this topic) are live, even if some contain a bit (or some bits) of tape. The Ides of March (or the track that would become The Ides of March) was played live in 1979, so that's why it's featured here, but only in that era. Afterwards, not.
Don't tell me, there's only one official album missing in my collection and that is a Real Live One. :rolleyes:
Yes, and i prefer to be far away from my tape, it's probably dead by now too, nevermind, shame on me. Funnily enough, that is the reason i'm sure that A Real Live One was the very first Maiden album i've listened to lol

sorry for the off-topic.
You guys just have to go out to the store and buy them. :p
Forostar, another thing that might add to the theory of "Back in the Village" being played at the first 1984 Maiden gigs is an article in Kerrang mag. A certain Howard Johnson joined Maiden in Poland for the tour and wrote about it in KERRANG! No. 76

Page 21:

"Believe it or not, Poland is Maiden crazy, each of the band's five shows in the country proving to be rock 'n' roll at its most happening. Admittedly, the first gig in Warsaw was sub-standard for this band, eight months off the road and the introduction of no fewer than six new songs proving a little too much for a first night in such a 'novel' environment."

No fewer than six songs? I wonder what the 6th song could be... ;)
Excellent research ! :)

Aces High
2 Minutes to Midnight
Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)
Back in the Village!!
Rime of the Ancient Mariner