Iron Maiden songs – a rough overview of their “live history”

The UK Winter Tour (11-12/1980) promoted the release of Women In Uniform single. I know that "Invasion" and "WIU" were played at Adrian's first gig at Brunel University and at the next couple+ gigs. "Invasion" was soon dropped and later "Women".
Very interesting lira!

I understand it could be too much asked to also upload this whole gig, but would you provide a bit more info on this? Or provide (a link to) sound samples of these songs?
Forostar, I'm afraid this time I can't be of much help. All I know is the guy has a private recording of the Brunel gig and i'm still trying to negotiate a copy. At least I have the set list he sent me and, even knowing it won't be proof to many of you, I think it's worth posting...

Brunel University Student's Hall - 21/11/1980
Paul Di'Anno, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Steve Harris, Clive Burr
(1st. Adrian Smith concert w/ Iron Maiden)

1. The Ides of March (intro)
2. Sanctuary
3. Wrathchild
4. Remember Tomorrow
5. Women In Uniform
6. Killers
7. Another Life (incl. Clive's drum solo)
8. Invasion
9. Transylvania
10. Strange World
11. Prowler
12. Innocent Exile
13. Phantom of the Opera
14. Iron Maiden
15. Running Free
16. Drifter
17. I've Got The Fire
I guess you mean 21-11-1980. :)

But thanks for that setlist! Not sure yet if I should change it already. It's not that I don't believe you, but I'd prefer if you would hear it first, and see if it's not another recording.
On the other hand, I could make a change with the notion: waiting for confirmation.
Done just that. Also edited I've Got the Fire!

To be continued! :ok:
Yes, yes, yes... November, sorry! Just edited the date. :)

I have to be careful when I share things like this 'cause it's not in my possession. Because that's a cool new information in Maiden camp and I trust the guy, I thought it would be ok to risk a post.

If I have any more info about the gig, will share in this forum.
I can't be entirely sure, but there's just something odd about it.
Wow, great thread, and strangely enough one of the reasons I signed up was to raise the question so very useful indeed!

Real shame they've never played some of these songs live. I never understood why they didn't open with Invaders on the Beast on the Road tour. Unlike every other album tour they open with the opening album track!!!
There's a section called Released non-album tracks and I decided to only mention those tracks which were played because there are only three of them, so consider the rest as never played. ;)
Fair enough, it seems to be the only track not mentioned though? But you'll no doubt correct me again haha!
Well I see what you mean. But I thought I made it easier like this because all other non-album tracks (which were not played) are also not mentioned. The non-album tracks which were played are the exceptions. :)
So it's like this: Is a track an album track: no? Then it's not played, unless... -> see guide.
Yeah I get ya. I suppose the same rule applies to Judgement Day, hell I wish they'd play that live!
No doubt this has been pointed out before, but there is something a little saddening about this list. That is, that there seems to be zero likelihood of any of the 'not played' songs ever actually being played in the future. My basis for this is that when they released an album and select a bunch of songs for the tour, that seems to be it for that album. Unless I've missed something, no subsequent tour has included older songs, which haven't already been played on the previous tours.

I'd like to think I'll be wrong, but something tells me I'm not.