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Do you think LOTB will have another release apart from Nights of the Dead? I think this tour deserves something way better. I like the Flight 666 and TBOS-LC formats, with audio and footage from different cities. If they do so, I hope they join all the legs and don't let any song behind like they did with Tears of a Clown.


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October 1st,1990 "God give me the answer to my prayers". Anniversary NPFTD. Enjoy!
Needs more Rod:


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Great work as always thanks, have a great saturday :notworthy:


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If we're now talking fantasy releases then I'd love for them to go down the deluxe boxset route. Every classic album re-released with a Steve Wilson or Kevin Shirley remix. Especially on IM and the 90's albums which have always needed a proper production.

Extras up the wazoo. Rare alternative takes, b-sides, unreleased live material or remastered bootleg stuff. New artwork, an accompanying booklet. Making-Of dvds?
More box sets will be cool.

I don't want a remix of the production of the old albums - their magic will be lost. Steve is not a fan of the production of the debut album, but I don't think he wants to remix it.

Alterantive takes (this might be interesting), b-sides (I'm not sure Maiden have many), unreleased live material (this is mandatory), new artwork and booklets (for the albums, no chance imo). Making-of DVDs will be perfect.
I would like Maiden to re-release 'Dance Of Death' with a new artwork
^ This should happen one day. They can make an entirely new artwork (alternative cover) or just fix the CGI graphics with an actual drawing.
I’m afraid this could be the first of series of triple vinyls . The LP and a Live double vinyl.

Why they didn’t released anything in the Killers 40th anniversary ?
I'm not sure about your first sentence, but it will be cool if it is for every album. More live versions! Maiden Japan (the whole concert) should have been released for Killers 40th anniversary, but The Number Of The Beast is their most popular album.
The main event is a black vinyl press of Beast Over Hammersmith, that’s a first and I consider it the best live album of the 80s.
BOH is one of Maiden's best live albums ever imo.
And celebration is with ZERO bonus, demos, new live songs or videos. Album or tour booklets...
This album deserve much more than Total Eclipse and live album that is already out for 20 years.
I agree.
I don't think so. Maybe a video on YT, but nothing more.
^ This. Maiden like to release stuff in November (the slot is already taken), but I can see a December release this time. I'm just not sure. LOTB tour deserves an official concert video.


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Probably their worst album, I struggle to find a single song I like, the cover is bad too
I think the ''biggest problem'' of the NPFTD album is that the choruses of (maybe) half of the songs are not so strong. The album would have been different with a few songs written by Adrian and more long songs. Still, the album is underrated imo and has its own style.

The cover is not bad (far from it), but they already used this concept for Live After Death.
After 7h Son is hard for all
It's hard to follow-up every classic album/one of their best albums of every band. Some albums can only be created once. I'm not sure that even with Adrian Maiden would have released a better album than SSOASS.
If they do so, I hope they join all the legs and don't let any song behind like they did with Tears of a Clown.
''Tears Of A Clown'' should have been a bonus video for Live Chapter for sure, but they don't usually do that (especially with new songs in the set).
Great to see him on stage :cheers:
Yes. The artwork for this concert is epic (like Sabaton's new EP, btw). I miss when Maiden covers were with lots of details (I can't believe I'm saying that). In the past it was the other way around. Nowadays, even the not so popular bands release covers with details. Covers with lots of details is one of the emblems of heavy metal imo.
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After 7h Son is hard for all btw my opinion have a great Sunday :hello:
SSOASS or not NPFTD is just bad, I struggle to enjoy a signle song. I would probably pick run silent run deep as the only good song. Mother Russia is great but feels unfinished and the lyrics. NPFTD has its own style at least with those sad harmonies and stuff.
October 2,1995 The X Factor anniversary View attachment 22640
Now that's an album I can enjoy