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Out of the Silent Planet
Interesting to see how few votes BOS got, this album is pretty awful and now that the hype died people can see this
That's because Maiden have many great albums. TBOS is a modern classic imo. We have three masterpieces (TRATB, TBOS and EOTC), some of the bands best short songs (SOL and DOG), one of Maiden's best openers (IESF), other great songs like TGU, SOTV, WTRRD (the latter two have classic Maiden vibes, without the chorus of River) and good songs like TOAC (good-to-great song) and TMOS.
TBOS is really hampered by 3 dull songs on disc 2 imo. Would have been much stronger as a single disc I think.

If Eternity Should Fail
Speed of Light
The Great Unknown
The Red and the Black
When the River Runs Deep
The Book of Souls
Death or Glory
Empire of the Clouds
One of the strongest aspects of the album is the good balance between long and short (by Maiden standards lol) songs.

I wouldn't remove a single song from the album. SOTV is really underrated (it's my favorite song from the album), dunno why the fans don't like it that much... maybe they feel it's too long? Dull? TOAC is an interesting song, a nice song to have in the band's discography and I don't want to accept the album without Adrian's brilliant solo in it. You have also removed TMOS, although it's not as strong as the other slow songs from the Reunion era, it has amazing melodies (trademark Dave), an amazing ending (Bruce solo albums vibe) and it's not a bad song by any means. Also it's THE ballad of the album and is written by Dave!

I do think they should have added a fast short rocker between the 3 slow songs to end the album though.
My problem with TBOS is overly long formulaic songs with no harmonies, memorable parts, long for the shake of being long and for the shake of all 3 guitarists having an unmemorable solo. I also don't like the trope of slow intro -> song goes a bit hard -> some oooooooh chants for some reason -> slow outro again. Imo the red and the black is the worst Maiden song along with hooks in you.
No memorable parts and solos? What? The album is full of amazing melodies and solos (melodies literally in every song, and in every album / solos in TRATB, WTRRD, TBOS, TOAC, EOTC, TGU, SOL, DOG) - the melodies in TRATB are some of Steve's very best. No harmonies? IESF, DOG, TMOS?

Edit: more memorable parts -> the intro and the instrumental section (with the drumming) in IESF, the intro, chorus and melodies in SOL, the start of Adrian's solo and the atypical ending with the long outro in TGU, the bass intro, verses and the whole instrumental section in TRATB, the melodies in WTRRD, the main riff, drumming and the fast instrumental part in the title track, Adrian's slide solo and the pre-chorus in DOG, the ''Into the valley of death fear no evil'' part in SOTV, Adrian's solo in TOAC, the outro in TMOS and EOTC, the whole song.
^ Like every Maiden album there are many memorable parts, but TBOS is one of the best in this regard.

I understand that the slow intros, a lot of long songs in one album and the length of TRATB and EOTC are not for everyone, but you can't deny their musical greatness. They're also have tempo changes and different parts in them, so I don't think we can call them formulaic or long for the sake of being long... maybe TRATB, but EOTC is a specific song with a greater purpose than its parts.
The guitar solos are very good
Adrian's solo is short but really good.
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Cat Somewhere in Time
The Catsman
Death of the Cats
Don't Look into the Eyes of a Cat
Cats Warning
Cats of Tomorrow
Ghengis Khat
The Cat Who Would be King
The Red and the Black Cat
Catellite 15... The Final Frontier
To Tame a Cat


Ancient Marinade
Charlotte the Cat
From Here to Cat
Cat Vu
Infinite Cats
Weekend Cats
Cats Are The Key
Strange Cat
Brave Cat World
The Thin Cat Between Love and Hate
The Longest Cat
Cat in the Sand
Wildest Cats
Back in the Cat
Two Cats to Midnight
22 A Cat Avenue


Educated Fool
I wouldn't remove a single song from the album. SOTV is really underrated (it's my favorite song from the album), dunno why the fans don't like it that much... maybe they feel it's too long?
Count me in. TBOS is one of the top 2 albums for me and SOTV is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. There are great melodies, as well as one of the greatest solos by Janick IMO. Definetely a top 10 song for me.


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I've listened to 'The Book Of Souls' this morning for the x time. I still love this record. It's not the catastrophe that some of You think that it is. It contains a lot of great songs, nice and memorable solos and a lot of creativity. All songs are interesting. Especially "If Eternity Should Fail", "The Great Unknown", "The Red And The Black", "The Book Of Souls", "Shadows Of The Valley" and "The Man Of Sorrows". The two rockers are above average, "Tears Of The Clown" is very emotional and the least good track is "Empire Of The Clouds", which is not Maiden at all, but Dickinson in solo. There is more diversity on 'The Book Of Souls' than on 'Senjutsu'. That's why today I prefer the sixteenth album than the seventeenth one today, but it depends on my mood.