Iron Maiden members – a rough overview of their “live history”

Thanks for reminding me Ranko. I'd like to change this after the tour is over.
Perhaps you can better use spoiler tags, since this can be understood by people who do not (want to) know the setlist yet. :)

@lira: that's very generous! I am very curious!
Excellent! I heard it! What a lucky audience, they got one of the longest setlists of the tour!
Did you hear Bruce mentioning that this was the 2nd time they played it, this tour?
He even mentions the first time: Preston!

So it looks like it was done twice (unless done after Newcastle)!

I just changed the opening post.

Thanks for the bootleg! Sounds like the band was on fire indeed. Good atmosphere.
There a real Maiden-Newcastle bond!
True! I had in mind Bruce saying they gonna play a b-side of Flight of Icarus, but never paid attention to Preston. So they played this song twice at this tour (at least). Good to know!
Oh yea, this is the first tour with Adrian playing ATSS! Never thought of that, pretty cool.
His rhythm playing under those 90's songs really adds another dimension to the music. Hope they play it again.