Iron Maiden: individual album judgement by yours truly

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
But we’re agreed on so many others! How could you throw me under the bus, Number 6? Sad jams... :(


Number 6

Ancient Mariner
@Shmoolikipod , don't mind @Diesel 11 or @Number 6 , they both think "The Apparition" is a 10/10 song, so their judgment is inherently suspect. :p
"The Apparition" is a completely different situation. It's a case of general numbness across the forum brought about by the refusal to accept that there aren't any bad songs on Fear of the Dark (except for "Weekend Warrior", obvs). :ok:


Love in anger
@Shmoolikipod , don’t mind @Jer . He doesn’t like Blaze
Nonsense -- how could you not like stage presence like this?


John Silver

Electric Buddy
Prowler: 10/10
Sanctuary: 8/10
Remember Tomorrow: 10/10
Running Free: 10/10
Phantom of the Opera: 10/10
Transylvania: 10/10
Strange World: 10/10
Charlotte the Harlot: 8/10 -2
Iron Maiden: 8/10

The perfect debut.


Out of the Silent Planet
IM - probably the best debut album ever. It contains several greatest hits for the band.

Prowler - 10/10
Remember Tomorrow - 7/10
Running Free - 9/10
Phantom Of The Opera - 10/10
Transylvania - 10/10
Strange World - 6/10
Charlotte The Harlot - 6/10
Iron Maiden - 8/10
Average album score: 8,25

bonus: Sanctuary - 10/10
Prowler - 7
Remember Tomorrow - 10
Running Free - 7
Phantom Of The Opera - 10
Transylvania - 10
Strange World - 9
Charlotte The Harlot - 8
Iron Maiden - 5

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Prowler - 6 >
Remember Tomorrow - 1 >
Running Free - 6 >
Phantom of the Opera - 7 >
Transylvania - 5 >
Strange World - 7 >
Charlotte the Harlot - 1 >
Sanctuary - 6 >
Iron Maiden - 7 >

Average Score: 5.1/10
Actual Score: ^ Accurate

I think the debut has finally really slipped enough to embed itself at the bottom of my list. Two songs suck, and the rest are average to good. Di'Anno and the production are the two things that hold it truly back from what it could have been

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
Fromat: Vinyl

Prowler - A quick nice riff that screams Maiden kicks off the first track. Soon picking up the pace. Clearly far from the Maiden of the future but the ferocity of this track is great. Paul's vocals aren't super pleasing to me but the punk feel of it works really well with the vocals - 9/10

Remember Tomorrow - Slowing down greatly Paul sings much more calmly, an early masterpiece, super dynamic. - 10/10

Running Free - The classic drum intro leads into the lead single of the album, full on Punk rock on this track, this track functions well, but Paul's vocals just don't work on it for me. - 7.5/10

Phantom Of The Opera - A fast paced riff introduces the first Iron Maiden Epic. The riffs are super aggressive, the different dynamics make this track very strong. For me it is not quite perfect. - 9/10

Transylvania - A fast paced instrumental track, this track feels like it is an track which should of had lyrics to. A solid instrumental but it would of been good with lyrics as well - 8/10

Strange World - Transitioning from the previous track, Paul sings really well from the start, a very nice solo. A strong track - 9/10

Charlotte The Harlot - I really like Charlotte The Harlot, I prefer Bruce's rerecorded version but overall this track has a strong energy while being pure in the sense of rock n roll - 8.5/10

Iron Maiden - The Title track closes off the album, kicking off with some nice guitar harmonies. A rather catchy track not too complex and a great way to close off the debut. - 8.5/10

Overall 87%


Ancient Mariner
  1. Prowler: 8.75/10
  2. Sanctuary: 9.25/10
  3. Remember Tomorrow: 8.25/10
  4. Running Free: 7.75/10
  5. Phantom of the Opera: 10/10
  6. Transylvania: 8/10
  7. Strange World: 8/10
  8. Charlotte the Harlot: 7.25/10
  9. Iron Maiden: 7.25/10
Average: 8.27/10
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Ancient Mariner
1. Prowler 9,5
2. Sanctuary 9
3. Remember Tomorrow 10
4. Running Free 9,5
5. Phantom of the Opera 10
6. Transylvania 9,5
7. Strange World 8,5
8. Charlotte the Harlot 8
9. Iron Maiden 9,5


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What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine too
Prowler 9/10
Remember Tomorrow 8/10
Running Free 8/10
Phantom Of The Opera 9/10
Transylvania 7/10
Strange World 7/10
Charlotte The Harlot 7/10
Iron Maiden - 8/10

Average song rating 7,88
Overall album rating 79%

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...

1. Prowler - 8/10
Solid way to kick off the career. Band is out in full action and very energetic, the riff is good, and as dumb as the lyrics are, they work.

2. Remember Tomorrow - 6/10
Should’ve been better than it actually is. Paul isn’t great and never finishes his verse lines, and the instrumental section is a bit misplaced. Yet the riff and the music backing the verses is quite solid, so props for that.

3. Running Free - 8/10
A lot of fun. The opening drums and Paul’s energy are quite infectious. Sing along song of the album.

4. Phantom Of The Opera - 10/10
The album’s highlight. Maiden’s first epic and just so much fun. The guitars are awesome, Paul keeps reeling on the listener with the verses, just a great song all-round.

5. Transylvania - 9/10
The lack of lyrics helps make this song stand out among its peers. Another song that is just really fun to listen to.

6. Strange World - 8/10
The verses are awesome, but the music interludes run a tad too long for me.

7. Sanctuary - 9/10
Again: so much fun. From the riff through to the solos and chorus, it’s a great early metal song with a lot of kick.

8. Charlotte The Harlot - 6/10
Paul flubs the verses but keeps a hold on the chorus. The bridge is completely meaningless and should’ve been cut, but what this song lacks in quality, it makes up for with being another fun little song. But yeah, not a great example of early Maiden.

9. Iron Maiden - 10/10
Repetitive as all hell, but it’s a great eponymous song and just a fantastic listen. Another highlight.

A fun album with a lot of kick and a foreshadowing of the greatness the band was heading for.

Rating: 82%