Iron Maiden - Huge Bootleg Collection UPDATED

Thanks for the present and Merry Christmas To You aswell!
I will be browsing and looking anything interesting (that I might not have in my collections).
Some soundboards that I remember for now (among them some might be radio/tv sourced ones, can't remember which. Also some dates might have more than one source, one being an audience one and the other soundbouard/radio, so its better to check):
Nijmegen 1981
Tokyo 24th of May 1981
New York 29th of June 1982
Dortmund 18th of December 1983
Rio de Janeiro 1985
Philadelphia'87 (the incomplete version)
London 18th of December 1990
Buenos Aires 1992
Sao Paulo 1992
Reggio Emilia 1992
Mexico 1992
Caracas 1992
Milano 1993 (incomplete version)
Tel Aviv'95
Gothenburg'95 (incomplete version)
Sao Paulo'96 (incomplete version)
Buenos Aires'96 (incomplete version)
Buenos Aires'98

to be continued...
The Buenos Aires '98 show is one of the best Maiden bootlegs I've ever heard and I love Blaze's voice on it. The band are on absolute fire. I wish I could get an official release on that on vinyl. Blaze deserves a goddamn live album!
Absolutely outstanding @IronCarnage, I've been perusing this collection for much of the past week and am amazed at the quality of some of the shows (even the older ones). I've found a few of the 1986-87 shows that sound like they could almost be pro-mixed, and those have been a joy to listen to.

You also have the clearest and loudest bootleg of Chicago, June 11 2008 (my first Maiden show, so it holds a very special place in my heart) I've heard. It was also fun to listen to the 2010 tour again, before The Final Frontier released where they did a "greatest hits" per se of post-2000 songs.