Iron Maiden Covers


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As I couldn't find any thread covering Iron Maiden Covers of different types I thought it could be a good idea to have one? For example one of the best I have heard is Nightstalkers version of Running Free. Here an example with Alcatraz Escape Theme:

I also like this different vocal cover and fan video of Running Free (Di'Anno Tribute):

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Here’s my instrumental cover version of the Trooper (followed buy a guitar lesson on how to play it). Hope you’ll like it. I did the drums and bass with samples and then recorded two guitars over them.



Ancient Mariner

Just seen this...

Don't watch the video and just listen to Raphael. This guy really nailed mid-90's Bruce voice.
He does it better than Bruce did on the record, as he has much nicer resonance (like late 90's/early 2000's Bruce). I like it.


Ancient Mariner
BTW, we all know about good covers, obviously... but what about bad covers?

What's bad? Her messing around with the vocal lines? Unless you are Rafael Mendez or a tribute band there really is no point in trying to recreate the song you're covering. It's a lot more enjoyable to put your own stamp on it like this, than try to match the original and fail. I thought this was cool.