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I actually really enjoy this album so far! Probably my favourite with Stu. I like that he's exploring his voice more, and maybe reverting to his natural sound instead of trying to be Barlow-lite. Nobody can be Barlow, don't even try. Clear the Way is the obvious high point of the album, Black Flag is very good, I really enjoy Ghost Dance and Brothers as well. Probably their best since The Glorious Burden.

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I haven't stopped playing this album since release its so damn good!!!

I haven't come across any song that I don't like yet and theirs one or two that would rank amongst the best I.E. have ever written. I think it helps that they've finally ditched the something wicked story, my good talk about milking the cow till it's dead. Everything sounds fresh and like I'm listening to a new band. Of course it has a familiar ish IE sound to it but everything seems to be pumped full of energy. Stu sounds the best he's sounded so far. I really like the guy and think he's been solid on the last 2 releases but here he sings his heart out.

It also helps the production is great, the new guitarist is allowed to shine too with some cracking solos. The last 3/4 albums have missed a blazing soloist guitar player big time in my opinion. I love the drumming too, especially on the instrumental.

Overall this is the best album IE have put out in years. I really liked the last two but prior to stu coming on board framing Armageddon and the crucible of man were cures for insomnia!

I really must see them live on this tour.

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Here's a blast from the past:

Very solid sound compared to a shitty video. Also, Barlow is a god. If I had a time machine I'd travel back in time to prevent 9/11 solely so that Barlow doesn't get a motive to join the police and leave Iced Earth.

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So I think Black Flag is the most epic song Iced Earth has done in at least a decade, which is tough considering it's not even 5 minutes long. Every time I hear Stu sing "black powder" in that delightfully cheesy way I just can't help but smile. Not to mention that the intro riff/chorus theme is very Maiden-ish...

If I had a time machine I'd travel back in time to prevent 9/11 solely so that Barlow doesn't get a motive to join the police and leave Iced Earth.



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Gave this album another in-depth listen, and my opinion hasn't changed. Songs in bold are worth listening to and are awesome.

Great Heathen Army - meh encapsulated in a song. 6/10, C-
Black Flag - awesome, but not perfect. 9/10, A-
Raven King - couldn't be any more rehashed or uninspired, but does have one cool ass riff. 7/10, C+
The Veil - more Iced Earth fill in the blank. 6/10, C-
Seven Headed Whore - cool main riff, way too short, completely unmemorable and uncatchy vocals. 6/10, C-
The Relic (Part 1) - just plain awkward. Everything sounds forced and lame. Chorus is fine, but no song with “Part 1” in the title should be less than 7-8 minutes unless it’s immediately connected to Parts 2-3. A generous 4/10, D-
Ghost Dance - Easily the best Iced Earth instrumental. 10/10, A+
Brothers - More paint-by-numbers recycled shit. Lame as hell lyrics. 4/10 D-
Defiance - Generic, terrible lyrics, sounds like Iced Earth covering Adrenaline Mob. 3/10, F
Clear the Way - Awesome, most interesting song IE has done w/ Stu while still retaining all of the classic IE sounds. 10/10, A+

I really do like Stu singing for this band (far more than Ripper), but the material is just so uninspiring. Some of these songs could be so much better, but the vocal melodies are just plain forgettable and often awkwardly composed. What bugs me about these albums, and to be fair, every IE album since Horror Show, is that the potential is there in spades and the good songs are absolutely incredible. Unfortunately, they are stacked with filler.

I'm gonna relisten to the other two Stu albums and make a single compilation album out of them, which will probably be the strongest collection of IE songs in over 15 years.

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The first time I heard this album I thought that most of it was filler, too, but then it grew on me. I do agree with MrKnickerbocker's choice of the best 3 tracks, though.

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First time I heard this album I was blown away. None of this sounds like filler to me. It's sounds like the most energetic and up for it iced earth in years to me

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Defiance - Generic, terrible lyrics, sounds like Iced Earth covering Adrenaline Mob. 3/10, F
This is interesting, as the two reviews I read (Loudwire and Angry Metal Guy) both identified Defiance as the best track. FWIW, I like it, on balance, but not unequivocally. The chorus is quite good, and the riffs and solo are fun, but the verses sound stupid and the bridge is awful.

I only recently started getting acquainted with this album -- I must have missed its release as I had a very busy spring. I'm liking it, on balance, but I can't help thinking that Stu is a less-good imitation of Barlow. I get why -- somebody's gotta be able to sing the band's back catalog in concert -- but it's off-putting.

The reviews I've read suggest that some of the songs are too long, but on that score I have to give IE credit: more than half the songs are five minutes or shorter in length. If only Iron Maiden would do that on their next album!


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I'll think about seeing them if they come to Denver, hopefully as part of a coheadline package.


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Anyway, I finally listened to the new album for the first time a few days ago, and I'm quite in like with it. If this had the real Barlow on it, it would probably be considered classic IE.